Hanging On To Summer and Jumping Into Fall: Fresh Local Food Storage Tips

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The calendar may say that fall has arrived and most days it sure does feel like that but the crops are still coming. I was at the farm last week to pick up our CSA share and I had a meeting with Tim. We were chatting about tomatoes and he let me know that they were surely still coming. I came home and immediately had that feeling…”Ahhhh, I need to get in some last minute storage of summer/early fall veggies”. That is a classic Lauryn feeling.

Here is my list of some ways to hang onto summer as long as we can:

Tomatoes: They are still coming! Grab some flats of seconds and if you haven’t already, start freezing. If you are like me, you have been freezing all summer long, but are also using some of those tomatoes at the same time, so there is room for more by now in the freezer. Here is a post all about freezing tomatoes.

Corn: Around here, this seems to be the last week that we can get some so if you are lucky enough to have corn available to you, boil it up, cut it off the cob, and freeze it! I love this detailed post on how to freeze corn.

Zucchini: This is another veggie that is coming to the end, grab it while you can! I shred this and freeze in portions for baked goods and meatloaf.

Garlic: All of that garlic that you may have sitting on your counter, take some and plant it. Now is the time! Here is a wonderful post from Organic Gardening on how to do this the most successfully.

Beans: We have been getting Cranberry Shelling Beans from the CSA. I want these beans to last me ALL winter long! They are my new found love…Dried, they can last about a year.

Peppers: Last minute stragglers? Just freeze them! If you have any last minute jalapenos, pickle them!

Apples: Head out and pick some last minute apples! Freeze them whole, or freeze them prepared. Can you imagine, you are to bring an apple pie to Thanksgiving dinner and all you have to do is pull the already prepared pie filling made from local apples out of the freezer and bake in your pie crust? That would be wonderful! This website is a good resource. And of course, dehydrating them is always an option!

Pumpkins: As you head out this fall and do your pumpkin picking, make sure you grab a few extra Long Island Cheese Pumpkins! Here is how you can make your own puree.

Herbs: Always herbs:) I make pesto with excess basil from the end of summer and dry there other herbs that I can get my hands on (parsley and oregano). My rosemary, it stays around all winter long!

What are your favorite end of summer/fall veggies and fruits to store?


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  1. Great tips! My big saving plan next year is to get that second freezer so I can start doing this in the summer.
    Becky recently posted…Treat Yourself Giveaway HopMy Profile

  2. It is a busy time of year for storing isn’t it! Hope your chutney comes out ok. How do you dry your herbs? I have been thinking of doing this and wondered what the best method was?
    sustainablemum recently posted…PreservingMy Profile

  3. I love stocking up on produce and keeping it in the freezer. My garden was a total flop this year so I don’t have anything to save from that but it’s still nice to pick up produce from the market and freeze it.
    Brittany @ The Pistachio Project recently posted…What Meals Can You Keep in the FreezerMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the reminder about the peppers. I need to check our garden for a final harvest.
    Barb @ A Life in Balance recently posted…frugal tip roundup: 8 kitchen tips to save moneyMy Profile

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