The Vintage Homestead: Some New Equipment and Progress

We are at the point where I feel like everything that needed to be done before winter and needed to be bought before winter has been. Now it’s time to settle in and see where we are in terms of our real budget and abilities to redo some of the things we want inside the house. We need to evaluate what is possible to do ourselves and what we will need help with.

John delivered our Troy Bilt Horse Rototiller a few Wednesdays ago. Not everyone has a delivery truck like this one:


H was pretty excited to see it and I was pretty excited to see the new member of our family, Tilly. Welcome home!

John spent some time going over how to use it and showing me the ins and outs. He also gave me a manual from the 1970’s for sure, on this model as he has owned several over the years. I am pretty excited about all of the attachments that came with it too. We are good and tilled for this year so no need to break it out just yet, but we’ll be all set come spring time.

That same truck then morphed into a fire wood stop down the road this past weekend. :) We stocked up and Ben and G headed out to stack it.


The one other thing we needed for this winter was a snow blower. Ben contemplated getting a plow for his riding lawn mower but was cautioned against it by some of the neighbors. So…snow blower it is. We found a used one in great condition on Craigslist and the man delivered it last¬†weekend. I feel like we need a shed to hold all of this stuff. Someday!

Snow happened this past week and we ended up getting the shallots in the ground just in time. H and I got dirty planting the rest of the Yellow Dutch Shallots. His job was dropping them in the holes that I dug. Lucky for me he is incredibly meticulous and each one is positioned just right. :) I grabbed our leaf vacuum and was able to make some mulch for them before the snow came.


Ben attempted to change the hardware on door #1 and hang it but like many things in this house, it is not going as planned. Everything we are noticing was built custom so even small changes like door hardware is posing a problem. He needs to chisel here and there a bit to get it to fit right. In the meantime, off to paint door #2!

This weekend was the first weekend where I felt caught up enough to tackle parts of the rooms that have just been stuck since we moved in. Little steps…

I started cleaning out the study. I am hoping that I can move the door painting indoors since it is getting a bit too cold out for them to dry properly.

This week I’d also like to begin painting the trim in the foyer and upstairs hall as we’ve made that a must do before Thanksgiving. :)

Ben got started on cleaning up the greenhouse a bit this weekend too. We’d like to get the cover on next weekend so we are ready to go come February even if there is snow on the ground.

Wow, busy weeks, but fun weeks. This is what we dreamed of. Sitting by this fire together at the end of full days working on our home.



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