The Vintage Homestead: Fall Chores


A busy two weeks indeed. Mama H was visiting last week and then my dad came up to meet her midway through, just in time to help with some chores;)

We got all of the kids outdoor toys cleaned and scrubbed and put upstairs in the garage loft. We hustled and raked leaves and pine needles, bagging them all to go to the Brush Dump. My dad and I made three runs to the brush dump and got rid of all the bags I had stored up from previous weeks.

And now, after this weekend we have to go yet again. We have A LOT of leaves and pine needles. Right about now I am missing good old D-ville’s leaf pick up service. Curbside pick-up. Kind of feels like a luxury!

That said, I have a reason to use some of the leaves now. With our gigantic tilled field, there is plenty of room for those leaves to be shredded and turned into the soil to enrich it.

Our neighbors got this awesome chipper and leaf shredder. I was able to borrow it for a few minutes so that I could make some insulation for the garlic I planted. Three giant leaf bags ¬†worth of leaves from the backyard compacted down to about 1/2 of a bag. We needed a lot more to insulate that garlic! I headed out to Lowe’s to grab a leaf vacuum/mulcher that was on sale and it did the job. This weekend we sucked up all of the leaves around the back yard and spread the mulched contents onto the garden. Perfect!


Check out this bad boy! New addition to the family!

Next up is to plant the shallots. I am hoping to do it this week sometime.

Ben spread the rest of the lingering compost into the garden.

We cleaned out the gutters too. Last rain storm, the gutters were full and we didn’t know it. They leaked into a corner of our patio near the garage door and the water seaped under the door jam (likely needs to be replaced) and all through the garage. Cleaning out that gutter worked like a charm so we decided to check on and do the rest. And Ben put gutter guards up so that we could prevent the pine needles from piling up.

Oh and a door! I painted a door white! I realize that does not sound exciting but we have 18 doors in this house and not a single one is white. That needs to change and so I am on a mission to constantly have a door on the saw horses in the garage and each of them are painted!

What fall chores have you getting done as these days shorten?

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