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You know when you read a book and you feel like you need to tell everyone about it? Well, this is how I feel about The Happiness Project Journal by Gretchen Rubin. I must say, after doing the research about it for this post, I just realized that there is an actual book that goes along with it and now I HAVE to read it. Hmmm…maybe should have done that first, but I couldn’t wait to share this journal (remember, I am SUPER impatient).


I came across this journal when I was up at 3 a.m. during one of my nursing sessions with H. He had just been born and I was scouring the internet trying to find a way to record those little memories that happen multiple times a day that you tell yourself you will never forget, but then inevitably do.

My husband and I had just had a conversation that night after looking through old pictures from when C and G were babies. We talked about how some of those pictures brought back some memories that we had almost forgotten. I was a bit hormonal at the time and swore to myself that I would never again let a day go by where I didn’t write down those little memories, those words that are said by my little ones that make me just smile or laugh. You always feel like you will remember them, every one of them, but the fact of the matter is, you won’t. You may remember some, ones on important occasions, or ones that just stick in your head, but you won’t remember them all.

I came across The Happiness Project Journal and read the 5 star reviews. Of course, it was on back order, and I had to wait a month before I got it, but when it came, it was perfect, exactly what I needed.

The Happiness Project Journal is a small bright blue book with one page for every day of the year and
plenty of room for interpretation.

I bought this journal so that I could write about those little memories that happen each day. The tag-line of the book is “One-Sentence Journal”, so there is not a lot of room to expound on the details (just 4 SMALL lines). So I pick one memory, my favorite one from each day, and write it down simply and succinctly. It may be a quote that someone said, a trip that we took, an activity that we did, or something else that I want to remember.

I love the book and the idea so much that it has become my go-to gift. I don’t give it because it is easy and I don’t give it to everyone. I give it because there are those certain people in life that you know will appreciate such a gift. It’s nothing big, nothing like a Coach bag, but to me, it is my perfect kind of gift.

The reason I say that there is plenty of room for interpretation is because everyone that I tell about it or that I have given it to uses it in a different way.  One friend that I gave the journal to uses it to record everything her family did in a day in one sentence. She uses it as a special way to relive the day’s events at the end of every night. My friend often says to me that there are nights when she doesn’t feel like getting up to get the book, but she makes herself because writing a sentence takes her all of about 5 minutes, and the joy that she gets out of the memories on that night and the joy she knows that she will get out of it in the years to come makes standing up more than worth it.

I have been writing in this journal for just about one year now and I can’t wait to start the next year so that I can relive those memories of the previous one. What a weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that I have a record of them to keep.

In whatever way you choose to use this journal, you’ll make it yours, and you’ll have a wonderful account of 5 years’ worth of sentences that you’ll look back on fondly as your family grows and changes in days and years to come.

You can find the Happiness Project Journal here.

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  1. I loved the book but don’t have the journal! Did you ever end up reading her book? I loved it and also the follow-up, Happier at Home!
    Lindsay recently posted…Switching to a Toddler BedMy Profile

    • Oh you need to get the journal. I still haven’t had time to read the book…SO glad you reminded me though. Going on the to-do list!

  2. Thanks for a great journal idea! I have been looking for some way of changing my attitude as of late. I enjoyed the lightness and humor of the article! Thank you for sharing! I am curious, if you care to share, what other ways you keep the pressures of everyday life from making you feel overwhelmed?

    • Thanks for commenting Julie! I do love this journal for keeping my mind on important things. I try to reflect as often as possible and try very hard to slow down with the kids when they are home from school. But…life is busy right now so we do our best! I also try to have a hobby that is mine that I guard. Mine is running. I make it a priority and that decreases stress immmensely!


  1. […] before the kids get up and sitting in the quiet with my coffee. Sometimes it is writing in my Happiness Project Journal each night. Where as in years past these times have been much more scattered, this year, in 2014 […]

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