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Last Thursday, I had the chance to head down to King of Prussia (always a plus) to check out “the new kid in town”. The Container Store is opening its doors in a new location right outside the mall. Across the parking garage from the Cheesecake Factory, there is a whole lot of organizing going on.

I had never stepped foot in The Container Store before, but when I got the invitation, I immediately said yes anyway. I mean, it is called The Container Store. All of you Type A, organized types, how could you not be intrigued and excited all in the same breath. You know you would have said yes too.

Then I got to reading about it (I couldn’t just show up knowing nothing!). The more I read, the more I couldn’t wait to tour around. I mean, they give themselves a byline of “organization with heart”. What’s not to love!

The store is located on the outskirts of the mall. It is a bright white gigantic building with blue letters spelling out its name. You can’t miss it. As you walk in, prepare to feel instantly calm yet overwhelmed at the possiblilities at the same time. Is it even possible to be these two things at once? Anyway, it is a great feeling.

As we listened to a short speal about the company, there were a few things that stuck out in my head:

  • Employee First Fund – The Container Store was named in the top 100 places to work in the U.S. They care about their employees. Each full-time employee is trained unlike any other retail space, for 263 hours. Just last year they started a fund where should an employee become sick or go through an extremely hard time, there is money for them to pull from.
  • Made in America – Over 1000 of the brands that The Container Store buys from are Made in the USA. Fab!
  • Foundation Principles – There are 7 Foundation Principles that everyone in the company follows. They keep each store on track and consistent with the others.

All right, enough about the great company that they are, let’s get to the good stuff.

The Tour!

We took a tour around the store. First up, closet organization. The Container Store pairs up with Elfa (if you don’t know this brand, take a look), an amazing brand of organizational structures. I can guaruntee that this will be used in the new house! For sure! Aside from Elfa though, there are TONS of options. A friend asked about shoes. Man, from the clear plastic shoe boxes to the front open patterned boxes to the shoe racks, there are a bunch of options!



I also love all of their scarf options. I have a hanger that my mom got me that is super functional and holds about 8 scarves (I am a bit #scarfobsessed – fed by Groopdealz) but there are cute ones for little girls and really stylish ones too!


We walked through the garage section. Awesome ideas for garage storage and even better ones for sports gear storage! Then walked into…ahhhhhh {angels singing}…the office supplies section. Everything was there…notepads, to-do lists, paperclips, magazine holders, file folders in every single patter you can imagine. Can’t wait to grab some orange accents for my office! Oh and a good old paper to do list or too. The Container Store also partnered with Scotch to make some pretty cool sticky note accessories too!


After passing through 50 + trashcans, we got to gift wrap. I loved looking through this section. Some of my favorite things are cool containers and packaging. There was no shortage of these! The idea of a gift in a gift is something that is right up my alley. I even found some cute boxes to put my handmade earrings in! Check out these awesome cannisters.


I kind of love an organized kitchen. Now, I don’t have one at all. But I would love one. There were some really great displays and ideas in this area for kitchen storage and organization. Stackable storage containers, shelving, and check out this idea for the back of a pantry door!


Another thing I loved about The Container Store was their section on furniture solutions. I already found an idea for my new office space {says the girl that is crossing her fingers that she will be able to afford a house big enough for a corner where she can shove a desk}.


And these shelves…how cool are these?!?!


Before heading out, I asked the best FB community in the world what they wanted to learn about storage at The Container Store. Many said LEGOS which is a gigantic issue inour house as well. Well, there are endless options. Here are just some:


So the only bummer of the whole trip…was the fact that the registers weren’t even open!!! Probably something that was probably a good thing in the end;) The Container Store in KOP opening this past Saturday so I can’t wait to get back down there to stock up!! Oh and the best part? There are PLENTY of options in Massachusetts! Woot!

Have you been to The Container Store before? What’s your favorite product?

**Disclosure: I was provided lunch, a giftcard, and the ability to tour the store before its grand opening. This post was NOT required. I wrote it because I wanted to share. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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