Sausage, Potato, and Kale Soup {Recipe}

A few weeks ago we had our dear friends Chuck and Kat and their son Elliott over for dinner. They ended up bringing dinner to us that night (in their phenom Le Crueset pot). I gotta say, I was SUPER excited! You see, Chuck and Kat belong to Eckerton Hill Farm's CSA as well so I knew two things: … [Read more...]

Hearty Italian Wedding Soup {Recipe}

A few weeks ago I had a Soup Recipe Swap party. I had some girlfriends over and we swapped soup recipes. It was glorious, especially in the middle of the winter, to have all of these new soup recipes to try out! My friends Steph came that night. She will tell you that she is not a cook if you ask … [Read more...]

A Recipe Swap Party….For Soups!

The other night I had some friends over. I invited my favorite Pampered Chef Consultant, Kim Zientek and threw a Soup and Slippers (although now that I think about it, no slippers were involved) party. I have been wanting to have a real life recipe swap and so I figured it was the perfect … [Read more...]

Winter Soup Round Up: 25 New Soups to Try

So this week it has been like negative a million degrees. Well, maybe not negative a million. But it has been cold. Cold AND windy! I can feel the chill outside everytime I walk by the front door. I have been finding comfort in my cowl neck sweaters and comfy LLBean sock slippers. The one thing I … [Read more...]

Beer and Black Bean Chicken Corn Chowder {Recipe}

So there is this recipe that I have made over and over every fall and winter. It is a cheesy corn chowder that I would add chicken and black beans to. Only problem with this is that it is a mix. A mix filled with a whole bunch of junk and I couldn't take that it is one of my favorite foods. So...I … [Read more...]

Navy Bean and Vegetable Soup

If you know me (especially my co-workers), you know that I crave a good Navy Bean Soup. Every time that Jefferson has it on the menu for the day, I go running down to the cafeteria and get two bowls of it. It is delicious! I haven't been having luck recently working on the same day that it is … [Read more...]

Amazing Beef Vegetable Soup Recipe

I am about to give you the most AMAZING Vegetable Soup recipe that you will ever have. If you are a southeastern Pennsylvania resident and know of Goodnoe Family Restaurant and Dairy Bar in Newtown, Bucks County, it is on par with their vegetable soup. If you don’t recognize this name, take my word … [Read more...]


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