Kids Getting Creative – Champions For Kids

My C was born creative. There is not a boring bone in her body. As she has grown older, this creativity of hers has allowed us to bond. It has allowed me to get to know her better. And it has served as a form of self expression for her. The simple act of coloring, cutting paper, drawing has so … [Read more...]

Save the Children: Get Ready, Get Safe

Last year, on October 29th, less than 2 hours away from where we live, Hurricane Sandy hit the coast of New Jersey. It hit and it took with it many pieces of the lives of so many New Jersey and New York residents (honestly, it was more widespread than that). I remember this as an extremely horrific … [Read more...]

Heritage Farm Fare – The Event

I was honored to attend a fundraising event called Heritage Farm Fare. You can read more about the mission and the farm that this event was geared to support here. It was set up to be a fabulous night filled with amazing food, drinks and activities all provided by those willing to donate their time … [Read more...]

Million Mile Run 2013 – Beat Childhood Cancer!

September 1st began what has become Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Sad, huh? That we even have to have a Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. But, we do. In the U.S., childhood caner is the leading cause of death by disease in children under the age of 15. Every day, approximately 250 children die … [Read more...]


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