Santa’s Paradise Express – A Day Out at The Strasburg Railroad and Choo Choo Barn

H is obsessed with trains. Obsessed. Choo Choo was definitely his first phrase and after "bishie", one of his first words. He loves trains! Last year we went to The Choo Choo Barn and Strasburg for a train ride. Of course C and G loved it (any kid does), but H was still in a stroller and … [Read more...]

5 Holiday Themed Things To Do in Berks and Lancaster County

One thing I LOVE about the area in which we live is the fact that there is NEVER a lack of things to do. This is true especially around the holidays. Since we moved into the area 7 years ago, we have found our fair share of family Christmas activities that we seem to go back to every year. There are … [Read more...]


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