The Start of a Craft List for 2013…The Start

I consider myself a crafty person. I like to do crafts. I also like to look at and admire them. Lately, it feels like I have been watching a lot of crafts being done (by my daughter), which is great, BUT I really would like to get back into doing them myself too. ;-) Here are some of the craft … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Spreading The Warmth: One Hat at a Time

I am excited to share this guest post by a new friend and fantastic blogger Sarah from Finnegan and the Hughes. Hurricane Sandy struck and Sarah jumped into action, rediscovering a past passion and turning it into a wonderful drive to help the victims stay warm over the winter. As a Staten Island … [Read more...]

Tune It Up Tuesday – Tunes to Knit By

This last week was the first full week with a chill in the air every second of every day. I am sorry to those that don't embrace this cold weather, but I love every second of it! I enjoy this weather for many reasons, but one of my favorite is because it makes me crave knitting. There are so many … [Read more...]

Finger Knitting for your American Girl Doll

Let me just start off by saying that ever since the day C was able to hold something in her hand, my husband and I could tell that she would do something creative with her life. She is a child that LOVES crafts, but it goes beyond that. She enjoys thinking up all sorts of crafty things to do with … [Read more...]


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