DIY Barn Figures With Wooden Pegs

Just last month H turned 3. I don't know how it happened. Suddenly my last born can talk in full sentences, laugh at jokes, run around and play, catch a football better than me, and is like a real grown little boy. Crazy! One thing he loves is figures and cars and trains. He likes talking with them, … [Read more...]

The Little Old Couple – A DIY Embroidery Project

Last year marked our 10 year anniversary. On a gorgeous 70 degree clear day without a cloud in the sky, Ben and I got married. We were surrounded by everyone special to us. Since that day, our life has been filled with ups and downs (mostly ups) and through every single one of them we have found … [Read more...]

7 Teacher Gift Ideas

I LOVE finding fun gifts for some of the most important people in my children's lives. I generally try to make something for them that they will enjoy because I am much more of the homemade type. That said, buying the right gift works too.:) Now, I may be getting this wrong BUT most of those that … [Read more...]

Our Stories – Letters From Great Grandma

My husband and I are lucky enough to each have a grandparent still living. Just last year, my children’s “Super Pop-Pop” (my grandfather) passed away. They were able to get to know him, hear his stories, see him laugh, and for that, we are all grateful. When I was little and now that I am big, I … [Read more...]

I Love You Because Box – The Perfect Gift for a Husband and Dad

Yesterday was our 9-year wedding anniversary.  My husband and I are not really a gift-giving couple for these occasions. Actually, I should rephrase that, we do give gifts, we just don’t give expensive gifts.  It has always been this way. So, this year, when it came time to start getting my gift … [Read more...]


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