Plant Swaps – A Perfect Way to Grow Your Garden {Part 1)

A few weeks ago, Ben’s family was visiting from Iowa. His Uncle Jerry is a gardener extraordinaire, so while he was here, I picked his brain about plants that would work in my neglected landscaping. Side note: When we moved into our house 6 years ago, The previous homeowners had put in a rock bed … [Read more...]

Lorax Truffula Pot Party Favors

G asked for a Lorax birthday party this year and I couldn't have been more thrilled. We love the Lorax in this house, and have always read that book to the kids since the day they were born. I have been jonesing to have a Lorax themed party for a long time. No, I did not sway him and yes, it was a … [Read more...]

Planting a Children’s Garden at a Local Farm

Last week a bunch of children (including mine) had the opportunity to head to Eckerton Hill Farm in Lenhartsville to get a tour and be a part of a “Children’s Garden” that they will be starting. Eckerton is where we have our CSA share and at this point I would say that Stefanie and the other farmers … [Read more...]

Watermelon Magic – A Refreshing Movie for Kids

C and G were super excited to hear that they were going to be able to review a movie. They were even more excited to find out that they were going to preview it on the all powerful iPad, and then still more excited to find out that the movie was about growing a garden full of watermelons! They got … [Read more...]

WAIT…Don’t Throw That Seed Catalog in the Trash (or Recycle Bin) Yet!

A couple of weeks ago, I received my long awaited seed catalogs in the mail. I usually get two of them and I absolutely cherish them, reading them and circling what I think I may like to plant in my garden in the upcoming spring. I must be honest, I don't plant just seeds and so I use these catalogs … [Read more...]


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