Every Mother Counts – Racing For A Cause

Yesterday it was FREEZING here in the Northeast. Like literally freezing. While the snow (yes, snow) was falling, I was curled up in my warm house glued to my iPhone where I had downloaded an app to track runners in the 2014 NYC Marathon. One of my dearest friends, Taryn, was braving the elements, … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out – Growing Grass, Friends, And A MomMixer NOT To Be Missed!

So I told you about the hole, right? The gigantic, not to be missed hole in my front yard? Yep, well it's still there. The plumber/excavator came back this week to break up the rocks and dirt and rake it out. Not an easy feat in this neck of the woods. There were a few rocks:) They also laid some … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out: Friends, Hikes, and Little Guys

I'm gonna be totally and completely honest. This week started off entirely crappily. <-- Totally not a word. I get it. We had buyers for the house that were THIS close to making an offer. And then they didn't and ended up going with another house at the very last moment. We wholeheartedly with … [Read more...]

Things I Want My Daughter to Know – Friends

I have been writing this series as a way to record all of those life lessons that I strive to teach my daughter, ones that will happen over time. If you missed the first two installments of Things I Want My Daughter to Know, you can catch up with You Deserve the Best here and No Excuses … [Read more...]


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