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We are on a roll with renovations in our home these days. We just redid the family room with the exception of decorating. That is next. I think we could walk through every room in the house and think of different projects to do to it. One of our favorite rooms in our new home is our laundry room. It is nothing special. It’s small and there isn’t any extra space in it but…it is in fact a traditional mud room of sorts in that it is between the garage and the house.

So…I love it.

It also has a closet which gives us an extra one on the first floor. A bonus closet of sorts.

While the laundry room is certainly on the list of redos in our home, it isn’t a gigantic priority. But what is a priority is the closet that is in it. I need it organized! This closet will house all of the miscellaneous cleaning supplies that I use throughout the house regularly. Our mop, lightbulbs, and dusting cloths. It is super small and so up until now all of the above things have been shoved inside as you can see below!


Now’s the time to organize it.

With 3 shelves in the closet, I wanted to devote each shelf to a group.

Shelf #1:

The most accessible shelf will be one devoted to cleaning products. I purchased this large wire basket from Wayfair to hold them. In the back of the shelf I’ll store extra products that don’t get used during every cleaning spree. In the basket I’ll put products that do. This wire basket is easily “totable”. I wanted something that was classy looking and could be carried around easily. That way I could tote it from room to room while I’m cleaning.


Shelf #2

This one is for extra cleaning towels and cloths. These can be easily placed in a basket.

Shelf #3

This one is for vacuum attachments as well as lightbulbs – two things that we use quite often. :) A plastic storage box makes it really easy to hold these and they are even stackable should we start to need extras. That is key!

Once the shelves were {easily} organized, I needed to figure out the duster/mop situation. Our hardwood mop is always falling out of every closet that we put it in. I needed something to keep it stationary so I opted for this wall (or in this case door) mounted holder. It screws into the back of a closet door (you could put it on a wall too) and holds pole structures in place. Perfection!!! I am SO SO happy about this one.



Now I feel like we can finally put things away when it comes to cleaning instead of just throwing them in the closet. Everything has a place and it is organized. A HUGE help!



What are your favorite products that you use to organize your cleaning/laundry closet?! 

Disclosure: I participate in the Wayfair Homemaker program and this is a sponsored post on behalf of All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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