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Now, I have chatted about being prepared for emergencies before. I’ve talked about what to keep in an emergency kit in our basement and for us it is mostly games and toys and lights and for us, water (we have well water). I have never really touched on food though. Sure, I have some things canned. We’ve got Jalapeno Jelly, BBQ Sauce, and Applesauce stored like no other! But honestly, I think about what we would do sometimes if we were without power or the ability to get to food for a really long time. This Milkman powdered milk came across my radar and I couldn’t help but look into it.

This powdered milk is the original version that was taken off the market in 2011 – it has been around for over 60 years. Just recently it began making a comeback due to so many requests from campers, hikers, bakers, and ones wanting to add it to their emergency preparadness list. Conveniently you can purchase this product at REI or Amazon.

The lowfat powdered milk is shelf stable and is widely used in baking. Alton Brown’s Hot Chocolate Recipe calls for powdered dry milk and this is just what the recipe called for! A good thing to keep on hand for those cold winter days that we’ll be up against this year! In fact, you can mix it up ahead of time and keep it on the counter for when you run out of fresh milk and can’t get to the store! There’s no clumping or corn syrup (obviously) like in most hot chocolate packets.

It is a great product to keep in your home for those times when you are running out the door for a big hike or now with winter coming on, you don’t know if you’ll be able to get to the store if there’s an emergency.

My favorite part is that Milkman will now be GMO free!

And I’ve got to mention one other use because it is near to my heart AND it came across my desk this morning. There is this gardening column in our local paper (I may or may not have a garden crush on the writer). Today’s article focused on removing mildew from peony plants. We noticed this summer that some of our peonies in the front yard had the milky white powder on them. His suggestion? Get some powdered milk, mix with water, and spray on the leaves and stems. <—rock on garden column guy, I have just what your recipe called for now!


Peonies, hot chocolate, and emergencies. Perfect!


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