Making Your Own Natural Holiday Wreath

Every year, we go to cut down our own Christmas tree at a local Christmas tree farm. The kids and I usually visit the store (while waiting for Ben to tie the tree to the top of the minivan’s roof) and browse around at the hundreds of ornaments and decorations that they have. We always see A TON of wreaths for sale. The first time I actually checked the price tag a few years ago I thought for sure my eyes were playing tricks on me. $45 for a wreath? One that was real and you couldn’t even keep year after year? After that, I was determined to make my own and have done so ever since. Now, it has become a fun tradition to saw off the greens from the bottom of our tree and pick out the bow and decorations that we will put on it.

The kids are old enough to help now and they love joining in on the fun. I am pretty sure many people don’t know just how easy (and cheap) it is to make your own Christmas wreath! One that will last all season and create memories that you can make year after year.

You will need:

A large wreath frame
Craft wire
Wire cutters
2 inch ribbon
Artificial berries
Fresh greens


Step 1: Save all of the extra greens that you get from cutting down your tree and exposing the bottom of the stump. If you get an artificial tree, greens are really cheap at Christmas tree farms, so grab some of those!

Step 2: Buy a wire frame at a craft store. I usually get the largest one they have. It will need to be just slightly smaller than you want your wreath to look. Make sure to use your 50% off coupon that comes in the weekly ad if you purchase at Michaels or AC Moore. It usually comes to about $1.79 per frame and you can reuse them from year to year.

Step 3: Using your craft wire and wire cutters, attach the greens to the wreath. This step is difficult to describe, you just sort of have to try it. I try to go in all different directions with my greens so that my wreath isn’t incredibly symmetrical. I also make sure to secure each branch tightly with craft wire so that they don’t come off. The frames are made with many different rings that you can weave your branches in and out of. When you are finished weaving, clip any stray branches and groom your wreath the way that you like it. 

Step 4: Make a bow using whichever method you choose. You can buy your bow pre-made or made especially for you at most craft stores. A few years ago, I bought a Bowdabra and haven’t looked back since. It is super easy to use and we create bows now for packages and all sorts of things. I attach the bow using some craft wire.

Step 5: Attach any other details you would like. I usually attach some artificial berries and mini pine cones, but you can always use mini ribbons or anything seasonal. If I had holly in my front yard, I would use that.

Step 6: Using a wreath hanger, attach to your door. Now, stand back and admire it. I know I do! 😉

I can honestly say that this little piece of nature makes me happy every single time I walk through our front door during the holiday season. It is simple, not frilly, nor elegant. It’s so us.

Today I am linking up over at Frugal {Local} Kitchen.

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  1. Thanks for the tips – seriously thinking of making one this year since we had a large pine tree branch with lots of good looking greens on it fall with a recent storm. Now that I know how cheap the supplies are it just makes sense!

    • So glad you are going to try it. How fun to be able to make it with one of the branches from your tree. You will have to let me know how it turns out. Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful! I heart craft wire, too! I remember when Frank’s closed, I stocked up on it and I’m still using it.

    It’s wonderful to see you recycle the greens, too. I’ve seen others throw them away when they could use them outside to add to their holiday displays.

    Thanks for linking up!


  1. […] cut our own), Ben saves tons of those bottom branches for wreath making. I usually have enough to make two full wreaths. Depending on what we have laying around, ribbon, embellishments, heck, even holly, determines how […]

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