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My relationship with QVC began about 26 years ago. I will never forget it. My mom must have done some shopping because a large box showed up on our doorstep one day and it was from QVC. Of course, I immediately asked if I could open it and we did it together. Hurrying to find out what was inside, I tore the packaging. I was SO excited! And there it was…the Thigh Cruncher. I liken it to the feeling that Ralphie and Randy must have had when their father opened up the leg lamp.

For years my mom used that Thigh Cruncher (see note below) and I use to try it too!


Fast forward 26 years to this past August. I was invited to David Venable’s In the Kitchen with David Show! They were doing the first live audience for David’s Food Court where a cook-off was taking place between Mally Roncal and David Dangle. It.was.awesome! I went on a tour through QVC’s studios where they highlighted SO many things from years ago, the years of the thigh cruncher and they took us to the present. We got to see the different studios and the show being taped! And we got to meet David. He was fantastic. The audience was filled that night with so many of his biggest fans. People that had been watching him for years, and honestly, he was wonderful. After the show, he took the time to chat with fans and sign their books. And then he took time to chat with us. And I fell in love, with David and the QVC crew…Mary, Mally, Jess, all of them! What a fantastic bunch!


Just a few weeks ago, I was back at QVC again for a “blogger audience” taping of ITKWD’s Food Court! This time it was between Star Jones and Jill Martin. Jill was hil-ar-ious! Once again, David was as nice as ever.


We got to taste some of David’s favorite comfort foods as well as his newest recipes like Bacon Jam Bruschetta (stay tuned) and  Bacon Mac and Cheese! If you haven’t figured it out, David loves bacon! We got yet another tour of QVC and got to check out their transition to Christmas sets! They are up and running now so if you haven’t tuned in recently, get to it!


I also brought home David’s newest cookbook, “In the Kitchen with David: Comfort Foods That Take You Home”. I am mid-review right now, so that should be coming soon! Let’s just say, it is going to be a positive one. Over 150 interesting recipes, not at all your same old! And it was written with a lot of personality as well! QVC gave up a pepper cutting board with some ceramic knives that are like 500 times better than any knife I have ever had before. Have you ever cut with a REALLY good knife before? Seriously, it is an amazing difference. And as if they hadn’t already won my heart by having such wonderful people be a part of their studio, they gave me a mug. We all know I am particular about my mugs. This mug is oversized, fall red (totally a color name I made up), and has In the Kitchen With David written on it. It is…perfect!


I am looking forward to the next showing of David’s Food Court and my next visit to QVC! I can’t wait to see who will be challenging whom! Oh and by the way, I am now a devoted watcher of In the Kitchen With David. I love an authentic, kind, TV star and I know that when I watch him not only will I get that but also a TON of recipe ideas and my eyes on some fun cooking products!

In the Kitchen with David airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. (ET) and Sunday at noon (ET) on QVC.

Like me, you can follow David on Twitter (@DavidVenableQVC) and Facebook (/DavidVenableQVC).


Friend Melinda Babiak (Look What Mom Found) and I (oh and David too:)!

* Note: I am pretty sure officially it was called the Thigh Master BUT when I picture this piece of equipment, I picture a more modernized version of what we had growing up. What we had was almost entirely metal and “springy”. SO…I am sticking to Thigh Cruncher since it is what we always called it. :-)

* Disclosure: I was taken on a tour of QVC and received the cookbook and a swag bag. There were no requirements for this post. As always, all opinions and my love for QVC and ITKWD is my own:)


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  1. What fun! I have never been in the studio at QVC, just the shop. I really like what they have done for our community in terms of business. Can’t wait to see your review!
    Heather S. recently posted…Holiday Gift Ideas for a 2 or 3 Year Old BoyMy Profile

  2. What a fun time! I love QVC! I modeled a self-tanner for them once (lol!) and was so impressed by the studio!
    Lindsey recently posted…How to ________ (Blogger Challenge Day 1)My Profile

  3. Looks like it was a fun visit, Lauryn! QVC is legendary!
    Carrie recently posted…31+ Easy Decorating Ideas {WrapUp and Link Party}My Profile

  4. Sounds like you guys had a great time and I am looking forward to the cookbook review!
    Becky recently posted…Nut Free Desserts for the HolidaysMy Profile

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