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I remember when I was about 7 years old, I was introduced to my brother’s favorite book and movie, The Jungle Book. My brother is 10 years older than I am. When I was a kid I looked up to every single thing that he did and I just adored the time that I spent with him. One of my favorite memories of spending time with him was watching The Jungle Book. Really though, the part that I remember is singing and dancing to The Bare Necessities. What a fun and spunky song! It’s a song that I have been waiting to share with my children! 

The movie was re-released just the other day so C and G and I headed to Walmart to pick it up. It was sold out! So what did we do? We rushed to another Walmart and snagged a copy…the Diamond Edition to be exact (the one with the lunchbox…woot!). While we were there, we headed to the produce isle to grab the ingredients for our #JungleFresh movie night!

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We had tons of options but our eyes were on the ingredients for the perfect Kid Friendly Pina Colada! I was pretty excited to crack my own coconut and the kids were pretty excited to see it! So bananas, pineapple, and a coconut later (okay and some other treats) we were headed home. The next day was a long day of anticipation for those kiddos BUT we were expecting a snowstorm that night. What better time is there to have a #JungleFresh party with pina coladas than during snowstorm #407 of the year? Perfecto!

I won’t keep you waiting any longer:) This recipe starts off with the cracking of a coconut!

After your coconut has been cracked open, take the coconut water that you caught in a bowl from cracking the coconut and strain through a cheese cloth. Peel off the outer layer and break a few small pieces off to add to the blender. Make sure your little one gets to taste the fresh coconut!

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I froze my bananas and pineapple earlier in the day. This way we would need to use less ice. Add pineapple and bananas to the blender along with the other ingredients (see the recipe below:).

Blend until smooth. Enjoy with some fun straws and fresh pineapple!

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Kid Friendly Pina Coladas


  • 1/4 cup fresh coconut
  • 1/2 cup fresh coconut water
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup fresh frozen pineapple
  • 1 fresh frozen banana
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup orange juice
  • 6 ice cubes (more if you like it icier)


  1. Crack the coconut (see video in #JungleFresh post)
  2. Strain the coconut water with cheesecloth.
  3. Add all ingredients to blender and blend.
  4. Enjoy!!

We sat down with nanny and pop pop to watch the movie on the snowy night. And it was just as I had remembered it. The best part? My kids sang along with Mowgli and Baloo to the Bare Necessities just the same way that my brother and I had 20 some years ago. Some things never change. :-)


Thanks to #CollectiveBias for the opportunity to share this recipe and my story!

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  1. I have great memories of watching this at a friend’s house as well! I’ve been hearing the songs on the Disney Pandora station a lot lately, too. Now I know why! I’m going to have to try these smoothies for my kids! I LOVE that it’s dairy free :)
    carrie recently posted…5 Things Moms Don’t Want to Hear from Strangers… but know we will anyway.My Profile

  2. The Jungle Book has my all-time favorite musical score. We actually sing the song that the elephants march to as we “march” to bed each night. This looks like a healthy treat to enjoy with one of my favorite movies!
    Heather S. recently posted…Show your #NubySmile at Our Twitter Party!My Profile

  3. What a great, kid-friendly smoothie! Loved that you included a video on how to crack open that pineapple … I would have no idea how to do that!
    Stephanie recently posted…Adventure Aquarium’s New Frogs ExhibitMy Profile

  4. Looks tasty!! Always have trouble with pineapples – thanks for the tips!

  5. Looks Yummy, thank for the video on how to open a coconut.
    Sherry recently posted…Menu Plan Monday Combining Gluten Free, Red Meat Free, Nightshade Veggie FreeMy Profile

  6. Love this idea… makes movie night even more special. Great job.

  7. what a fun project to do. W has been asking me about coconuts and pineapples at the grocery store and this looks like a fun recipe to dive in!
    Dresden recently posted…the week in reviewMy Profile

  8. Oh how fun! Can’t wait to see if my kids will enjoy these :)

  9. We love pina coladas! Reminds me I need to go on vacation- stat!
    Jeanine @MommyEntourage recently posted…Winter Storms Hit the East Coast- Protecting What You Love with Master LockMy Profile

  10. Your cuties are too cute sharing their Pina Coladas!
    Sarah Hughes recently posted…Sunoco Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  11. That photo of your kids sharing the drink is priceless!
    Jessica @EatSleepBe recently posted…Finding the Key to Emotional EatingMy Profile

  12. So cute and sounds refreshing!

  13. These look delicious and so fun to make! When I’m babysitting my niece, we’ll have to enjoy these. Thank you for sharing!
    Lara recently posted…50 Alternative Words to Replace GoodMy Profile

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