Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers For Kids {Gift Guide}

I have decided this year that I am filling stockings with fun yet planet friendly things for the kiddos. There are so many really cool, small, stocking stuffer sized items that are purposeful that the kids will be excited about and I’m here to share a few of my favorites that I have seen out there! Here’s to Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers for Kids!


1. Tervis Tumblers My kiddos drink out of these all year long. They are durable, safe, and re-usable. They can be personalized and have TONS of adorable options for colors and sizes. They are also Made In The USA. Love these!

2. Uber Mom Tissue Boxes – PERFECT for throwing in your little one’s book bag. An adorable small container made from recycled polypropylene, it’s meant to hold tissues. Of course it’s re-useable and comes in a few different looks. I myself am loving the Orange Owl and Navy Moroccan. You can see them all here.

3. Make a Match – Monsters by Mama May I – This small memory like game is KEY when it comes to waits anywhere. It is fun for all (including adults) and small enough to fit in a book bag, purse, or glove compartment of the car. Made out of wood, these coins are adorable and super eco friendly!

4. Lunchskins – My kids love the patterns on these really fun re-usable sandwich bags. Maybe pack them with a few treats or snacks before putting them in the stocking and then reuse them all year round in their lunch!

5. Life Factory Bottles These are one of my very favorites! My kids take theirs to school every day and love them. Glass bottles with a special silicone wrap that prevents it from breaking should it fall. The color that they each have reflects their personality and their favorite colors. :) I also love that you can buy replacement lids in case you lose just the lid. 😉 <–cause it happens!

6. Green Toys Planting Kit My kids are stoked about planting next spring. With this adorable planting kit made entirely from recycled products, they can get a head start on planting in the spring.

7. Maggies Organic Socks I am a sock in the winter kind of girl. These Made in the USA tie dye socks ROCK! My kids will love these. Made from all organic cotton, they are easy on little feet and look fabulous too!

What are some of your favorite eco-friendly stocking stuffers? 

**Disclosure: There are affiliate links within this article. I may have received a product from this list for review but all thoughts and opinions as well as my decision to include them in this lists are my own. This was not a requirement for review, as always is the case. 

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