The Dyson Hot + Cold Bladeless Heater Fan: 7 Reasons You Need This

So we moved to New England this past summer. We have been in the house for exactly 3 months. Part of moving into a new home is learning about the house. The ins and outs – the noises, the annoyances, the lovely little things like the beautiful sunset that you didn’t expect, and the lay of the land.

As we head into our first New England winter and come out of our first New England summer, we are adding to all that we have learned. One of the biggest things is about the weather and the heating and cooling of this house. When the new Dyson Hot + Cold Bladeless Heater Fan showed up on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago just as the seasons were changing, I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Now, let’s be real. When it comes from Dyson, you know it’s going to be good. I was prepared. I had experience after I received a new addition to the loves of my life this past summer – the DC59 Motorhead Vacuum. But I digress. Back to the quality that is Dyson.

My husband and I (and his grandmother who was visiting) gathered around the box. We were like kids on Christmas morning, couldn’t wait so see what all the hype was about with this Bladeless Fan. We pulled it out of the box. Attached part one to part two, plugged it in, and for the next few weeks added to our list of reasons that we are SO HAPPY that we have this machine. I’ll share them with you. :)


1. Mulit-purpose – It heats AND cools. One of my favorite uses of this machine thus far is dealing with the days and nights that aren’t quite cool enough to heat the whole house yet you’d like to be warm in a certain room. And of course, the same goes for summer too. It is nice to have some fan action to cool you off quickly.

2. Bladeless – Something that makes me incredibly anxious as a parent is the thought of my little kiddo’s fingers getting stuck in a fan. Ahhhh! It has played over and over in my head countless times since I had children. No longer. This heater/fan is bladeless. Meaning that there are no blades pushing air AND no hot heating elements to get burnt on. Don’t ask me how. But it’s amazing.


3. Speed – We have this gorgeous sunroom attached to our family room. It has its own zone for heating and air conditioning. It is terribly inefficient and takes forever to heat up and cool down. This fan is PERFECT for this room. I grab it, bring it down, put it in there and in just a couple minutes the whole room is heated. This is perfect because it is H’s favorite place to play first thing in the morning and believe me, my guy does NOT want to wait!

4. Sleek – No big bulky, ugly fan. This thing is sleek! We have the iron/blue color, but with 5 other color choices, this can be one of the design elements in a room. And, not crevices means super easy to clean!

5. Remote – Powered by a remote control, no need to get up to switch to a lower (or higher) temperature. Also, I find this useful when I am multitasking – just hit a button and it switches right on. You can control airflow, temperature, and oscillation speed all from across the room. And, one awesome feature to prevent losing it – it attaches magnetically right to the top of the fan.

6. Light – This piece is super portable. Weighing in at just 5.6 pounds, carry it from one room to another easily.

7. Digital – Like I mentioned in the remote section, you have the ability to change temperature and oscillation from across the room. The neat thing is…it tells you the current temperature digitally. You can watch as it controls the temperature.

Each unit comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. It is a heater/fan that is engineered and built to last.



The Dyson Hot + Cold Bladeless Heater Fan is QVC’s Today’s Special Value, November 2nd! This my friends is a DEAL and it is only today so head over and grab one. It will make the perfect addition to your home or gift to someone else. Here is the link:

**Disclosure: I was provided with a Dyson unit to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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