An Auto Show to Remember – What?!


I wracked my brain for a title of this post. I started off with: The New England International Auto Show but – Boring! Then I went to: My Trip to the Auto Show but – Lame! This title fit the bill the best because it was just that. Totally an auto show to remember!

The day started off with my gal Annie from Stowed Stuff and I riding into Boston together. We hit 93 and then were dead stopped in traffic for a good 2 hours. Protesters had blocked the highway for the start of rush hour. Fabulous.


When we finally made it, we grabbed coffee and went inside. RV’s to the right, Cars to the left, here I am….(lalala).

It was my first Auto Show and we were being treated to a day full of design talks and a tour by Chevrolet and She Buys Cars (which by the way is a great site so check it out). Unfortunately we were late but when we jumped into the first talk, we got to hear all about the new Chevy Trax. What a cool car! Drives like an SUV, handles like a car. Great for urban driving. Gas mileage is good, look is cool, and this blue color…WOW!


Next up was a tour by Chevy’s James Bell around the New England International Auto Show. He took us through many of the companies and new models they had on display. Some interesting chatter about how difficult it is in the car world to make a name for yourself. I got to see some pretty cool cars. My favorite…The BMW i3. Check it out…

She’s a beaut! #electrified #autoshow @bmw #bmwi #carbonfilament #inlove #sustainable #thefuture

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With all cars needing to have an average fuel efficiency of 54 mpg by the year 2025 this kind of car will hopefully become the norm. For the record, the average fuel efficiency right now is 28mpg. We’ve got a long way to go…

Of course there were the Rolls Royce’s  and the Mercedes too!

And Toyota’s got a cool new car for 2015 too! The Mirai. It’s one of the first of its kind – a hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle. I am looking forward to watching this one transpire for sure!

I even got to check out the new Chevrolet Malibus. I mean, it has come a LONG way since the 90’s when I drove one around. Completely connected all the time. There’s a Hot Spot option in this car which makes it so nice as well as On Star. Loving these options.


The day ended with a wonderful panel filled with discussion about women in the automotive industry. What a powerful group of gals Chevy’s got. They certainly are a lucky brand. These women are incredibly inspiring.

And then of course we had a drink before we left. Fun times and no traffic on the car ride home – a great day at the Auto Show!

**Disclosure: This post was sponsored by SheBuys as part of an invitation by Chevrolet and SheBuys to the New England International Auto Show. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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  1. Love this. What a day to remember! “Protesters in Boston!” Thanks for keeping me sane and taking that awesome video of me in the race car!
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