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My apple picking obsession didn’t start in early childhood for me. Nope, it started in college at The University of New Hampshire. At DeMerritt Hill Farm. Each and every fall, I would head to the farm to pick apples, sometimes with my roommate, sometimes by myself. These apples would be eaten for weeks. My roommate Hayley and I would head down to the basement of our dorm in Devine Hall with a stockpot and wooden spoon. We would peel apples, chop them, and cook them down into applesauce that would sustain us for a long long time!

Last Saturday, we headed out to Weaver’s Orchard in Morgantown, PA to pick some apples. We picked 30 lbs. of apples. One half bushel and one peck of a mix of Staymans, Jonamacs, and Shizukas. That is a lot of apples. Not a ton, but certainly a lot! There isn’t much better than having fresh picked, local apples just laying around. Saturday, we ate lots of apples. Sunday, we got right to creating with them.

Here is what I did with our 30 pounds of apples….

Applesauce – One thing that makes me happy is that my husband and my children (all four of them) love my recipe for applesauce. I put a large stockpot on the stove, a crockpot on the countertop, and I got to peeling. My preference…with a paring knife:) The house smelled delicious! Then, just a few days ago, I put ANOTHER crockpot on! I’m addicted…to making applesauce. I got about 5 1/2 quarts out of that haul…and canned 4 of them!

Apple Butter – I kept peeling apples and added another stockpot to the mix that Sunday. Using this recipe, I made and canned some apple butter! 5 1/2 pints to be exact!

Apple Pie Spread – This may be my favorite of the bunch. It is super easy and incredibly delicious. And…it used up all of 1 1/2 apples:) Perfect for a fall party, after school snack, or even just a treat when your feeling down!

Apple Chicken with Potatoes, Mustard Greens, and Quinoa – This is one of my classic CSA stews since there are a lot more veggies that go into it than potatoes and mustard greens. We had this one only with a twist of pork instead of chicken this week. Everything is better with apples on top, right?!?!

Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts – I went out and bought a doughnut pan. Since we found out that H had a peanut allergy, we said goodbye to doughnut shops. Not that we frequented them all the time but man do we miss our occasional Saturday morning doughnuts. When I saw these created by The Bite Sized Baker, I practically kissed the screen!

Apple Pie – The kids are dying to eat this…a la mode:) We still have some apples left over so I am pretty sure that they are marked for apple pie.


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  1. I want to go apple picking! I am dying to make my own applesauce, and an apple pie doesn’t sound too bad either! :)
    Brittney Minor recently posted…Reusable Food Pouches from Squeez’EmsMy Profile

  2. The Apple Chicken with Quinoa recipe sounds to die for!! Yum…
    Gina B recently posted…Review: Willie Villie Meets Casey Kramps in Sprueville #adMy Profile

  3. I’m not going to lie: I had no idea what apple butter was until I met my husband. I *have* to make some now though. Thanks for the link!
    Tea Sumner recently posted…Chippmunk.com $25 Gift Certificate GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Yum! I have to get my apples still this year. Going to food auction on Tuesday so I am hopeful they will have a lot of good local apples and a great price. I will definitely be trying your apple pie spread.
    Hether M recently posted…Bloggy Conference and Cedar Point 2013My Profile

  5. I’m working through a bushel and a peck, too and falling in love with the smells of autumn. Although I love that composting is a great way to reconnect the cores and peels to the Earth, I found out recently that some recipes include the apple scraps. Have you experimented with that at all?
    Jeannette recently posted…Perfect Pennsylvania Green SmoothieMy Profile

    • I haven’t experimented yet though I will say, I have been jonesing for an appliance that would puree the skins down enough to include in the applesauce:) For now, composting will work! Thanks for linking up Jeannette!

  6. Some great ideas to do with apples. Apple picking is a fun family activity.
    amanda recently posted…10 Reasons to Boycott NestleMy Profile

  7. Nothing like off-the-tree fresh apples! Yesterday I made kale soup (just kale, onions & garlic in broth, blended to a pleasing smoothness) and poured it over sliced of butter sauté’d apples and pecans. The batch of soup disappeared. There’s one way to serve kale that my bunch would eat! You’re right, apples make everything better. We’re almost through the 20 lbs I picked a few weeks ago.
    CelloMom recently posted…Radiative Forcing and Global Warming PotentialMy Profile

  8. Thanks for some new apple recipes. We have been canning and eating our apples like crazy, over 18 gallons of applesauce in the basement and still going strong. I can’t wait to try the dip.

    Our family’s favorite so far has been the apple custard pie: http://www.themessyorganicmum.com/2013/10/apples-abound.html

    Thanks again.
    The Messy Organic Mum recently posted…Apples AboundMy Profile


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