Weekly Meal Plan – March 4th


We had a great week last week as far as meals go! Every single day since last Monday, the kids have begged for Irish Beef Stew. It was a delicious recipe (check last week’s menu plan for the link). I am hoping that I can hold them off until St. Patrick’s Day…then we can enjoy it again!
The goal of this week for me is to have some snacks on hand for the kids to choose as a healthy option to go to when they are feeling a bit hungry throughout the day. We have been doing super well with our dinners and following through with our meal plan, so snacks can be up next! What are your favorite homemade snacks to eat? As far as dinners go, here is what we will be having!

  • Monday: Chicken Bruschetta Pasta

Stay tuned for the recipe later this week.  This was G’s choice, but is really a favorite of everyone in the house!

  • Tuesday: Leftover Beef Vegetable Soup from Sunday’s dinner:) YUM! 
  • Wednesday: Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes

A classic favorite and C’s choice. I usually make it with a combination of ground beef and ground pork though I would love to substitute ground turkey in there at some point.

I am sure this will include bacon for Ben and G, some pancakes, eggs, a little bit of everything.

  • Friday: Mom and Pop Pizza Shop Night:) 
  • Saturday: Burgers (traditional and some black bean), Beans, and Potatoes

I will be out all day at a workshop, so I am sure that when I come home, I won’t be in love with the idea of spending time preparing  a meal. I got a recipe from a friend for a 3 Bean Bake that I plan on prepping ahead of time and the burgers and potatoes don’t take long.

  • Sunday: Cream of Potato Soup and Grilled Cheese


Homemade Snacks on the list:

Banana Bread Muffins

Oat Cookies

Kale Chips with this weeks share of Russian Kale




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