Week #8 CSA: Playing Catch Up

So, I have been playing a little catch up with my CSA posts. I have been working hard at using all of these delicious veggies over the last two weeks. During the holiday season it was a bit harder because it seems that we were on the go so much (how could that be?). Therefore, I have had a lot of produce left over and a bunch to use up.

The last two weeks shares have been a little lighter which, for the reason above, has been kind of nice. I am finally caught up and ready to jump into this weeks share! Two new friends joined the CSA this past week, so we have all had a great time exchanging recipes and talking about what we liked about our shares. You can call it our own “CSA Club”.

The family favorite from last weeks share were kale chips. It was a first for me as I had never made them before. Talk about easy…

Some kale with the stems cut out + a little rubbing in olive oil + some sprinkling with garlic salt + baking at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes = green nutrient packed deliciousness!

C and G loved snacking on these throughout the week and making nanny try them during one of her visits.

We also got some mache (a French green) and french breakfast radishes that I enjoyed thoroughly on my salad. Now that the holidays are over, I am back on that salad kick! Thank heavens!

I cubed the butternut squash that we got and threw it in a covered stoneware dish (The Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker) with chicken, potatoes, sunchokes, and carrots. The flavors all worked so well together and though my husband claimed it was a bit mild, I thought it was perfect! G was a fan of the squash…C not so much, and H, he won’t eat anything solid right now except vegetable soup and noodles. His molars are bulging poor guy!

This week I headed up to Eckerton to pick up my share and was giddy on the way up there because I had caught word of more mesclun mix…sad, I know!

Here is what was in my box this week:

  • a 1/2 pound bag of mesclun mix
  • a small baggie of what I would call gourmet greens
  • rutabega
  • 2 pounds of fingerling potatoes
  • swiss chard
  • fresh bread – though I have already eaten it, the variety is still yet to be determined…
  • Birchrun Farms blue cheese (FANTASTIC!) and Equinox cheese
The greens are easy for me….salads!
And the rest are all items that we can now say that we have tried before. YAY! So, I will be working them in to our daily meals with a bit more confidence than when I started the CSA.


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  1. We love kale chips but I can rarely find the big kale leaves at the store. The little kale leaves just crumble in my toddler’s fingers. :-(

    • I know, I never can find the big ones at the store either! Our CSA has been producing some big kale leaves though this winter, so we are lucking out!


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