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Every year as soon as the weather gets nice, the kids beg to hold a lemonade stand. It starts as soon as the days get long and there is plenty of light after the kids getting off the bus. C will generally be the first to ask. Her mind moves fast. I imagine that she spends the whole bus ride home dreaming of all the different crafts and ways that she can make this lemonade stand perfect.

Depending on the day, I say yes. I have said yes, many times (I have also said no many times:), and have gotten good at using downtime in the early spring when it may be too cold to have the kids think through the idea of a lemonade stand.

This year, National Lemonade Days will take place June 6-8th. It is the perfect time to start planning a lemonade stand. This year is special because it is the 10th anniversary of National Lemonade Days where Alex, the founder of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, challenged the world to join in on her collection effort to raise 1 million dollars. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of stands have been held around the country to support the research needed to battle childhood cancer.


Everyone can hold one and if you sign up to hold a lemonade stand now through Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, you will receive a kit filled with some great goodies just for it!

We have learned lots over the years about holding lemonade stands so I thought I would share some of my favorite tips with you all!

Tips For Hosting a Lemonade Stand

1. Get creative – Build a sign or personalize a preexisting one. – One year my kiddos spent hours creating this sign for their perfect lemonade stand. Not only was their creativity well appreciated (and super cute), but it also gave them something to do on a rainy summer day!

2. Prep Your Kids – Not everyone wants lemonade or stops to support a stand. While it is great that they are out there rah rahing it up, make suer their expectations are set. Of course strive high, but tell them not to get discouraged if some don’t want lemonade!

3. Give back – Teaching your children to give back to organizations is a great lesson. Start by donating some or all of the proceeds of your lemonade stand to an organization like Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Read more about Alex and how her dreams are still living on while “fighting childhood cancer, one cup at a time” here.

4. Get Crafty – Give the kids something to do while they are out there. Whether it is creating Rainbow Loom Bracelets (see how to do so frugally) for the customers, coloring, or even drawing chalk.

5. Make sure you have a stand – You’ll need a stand or table so make sure to think about that and have one ready. Often times we use our kids picnic table and put the lemonade containers in the wagon.

6. Publicity – This one is a mom secret! Email your friends and neighbors and let them know that your little one is having a stand. The kiddos get SO excited when people just start showing up. It is worth it! Just make sure to return the favor:)

7. Goodies – Of course you’ll need lemonade at your stand. Plenty of ice goes a long way. And think about making some cookies to go with. Here are my tips for the best chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever make!

We are pretty excited about holding a lemonade stand this year. The kids have been planning for a while (clearly!)!

So, join us during National Lemonade Days and register to hold a stand. Every little bit makes a difference!

Follow along with Alex’s Lemonade Stand on Facebook and Pinterest for great ideas!

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