Weekly Meal Plan: August 31st – September 6th Back to School

We had an awesome week last week. A perfect ending to a completely hectic, transitional, just all around crazy summer. My parent's are here to spend the last few days of summer with us and were able to celebrate with us yesterday when we had some friends over for a little party. Thank gosh for my … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan: July 6 – 12th

We are having an absolutely LOVELY weekend with my parents here visiting. Great memories being made and fun is being had. We even got to drive them by where our new house will be. I am SO excited for them to see it the next time they come. They are coming at the end of the month to help us with the … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan – February 23 – March 1st

Seriously? March 1st is at the end of this week? Woot! Bring it spring. I say this knowing full well that Puxatawney said there are still 3 more weeks left AND we are possibly expecting snow on Tuesday. Grrr... Last week was a tough one. The kids and I were on our own for much of it. Mama H came … [Read more...]


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