Loving Arugula! 8 Ways to Make Sure You Use up the Portion in Your CSA Share

I have started a weekly meal plan that is centered on what we are getting in our CSA share, so I will do less talking about how I am using it in my weekly CSA post. That way you don’t have to hear it twice. You’re welcome. :-) The one thing that I have not had trouble using from our share are the … [Read more...]

Week #8 CSA: Playing Catch Up

So, I have been playing a little catch up with my CSA posts. I have been working hard at using all of these delicious veggies over the last two weeks. During the holiday season it was a bit harder because it seems that we were on the go so much (how could that be?). Therefore, I have had a lot of … [Read more...]

Week #2 – Our Winter CSA

So, this Tuesday, I picked up our second week's share of our winter CSA. Of course, it was on the day where the snow was pouring down. I expected the roads to be terrible heading up to the farm, but the country roads were plowed and salted while ours were not at all. Go figure...a pleasant … [Read more...]

It’s Winter CSA Time!

Unnecessary adventures often make the best memories.. If you know me, you know that I am a new-found lover of CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture). I participated in one this past summer and fell in love. Not only with the produce itself, but with the experience.  Every week, my children and I … [Read more...]


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