Jockey Classic Contour Bra {Review}

**Disclosure: I received free product in return for a review of the Fit Kit System and a Jockey Bra by Jockey and MomSelect. The opinions shared in this post are organic and my own.


So, let me fill you in…this is my first new actually fitted bra since 2006. I fitted myself the other week with Jockey’s new Fit Kit. You can see my review here and bonus, there is a video to go along with it:)

After ordering my new Classic Contour Jockey Bra in my new size (no more letters, just numbers), I waited for it to come in the mail. It came in about a week in a shoe box style package in the mail. I opened up the first box to find yet another Jockey shoe box in that one and inside that was my new bra. It was not bunched or crumbled up. You could see that a lot of care was taken to keep the form and shape of the cups in tact.
I was so curious to see if the fit was right or not so since H was napping, I launched myself upstairs to immediately try it on. When I was measuring myself, I was pretty confident that I had the cup size just right but I always feel like I never know just how snug to make the bust measurement so there was a question in my mind about whether it would fit comfortably or not. This was my one concern with fitting myself at home and not at a store where I could immediately try the bras on. Anyway, back to launching myself upstairs to my personal fitting room. I fully opened the bra, taking it out of its box. I loved the look:) The attention to detail, especially with the charm located in the middle front. I loved to things upon first look: the thicker straps and the quality feel of the bra. It is more padded in all areas, more so than other bras I have had.
As far as the fit, I have to say, I was dead on in my measurement and the bra fits perfectly. It is hard to explain, but there is a difference between the $10 bras you can get at your local department store on clearance and this Jockey bra. Though I have not had it for long enough to speak about how well it wears (it has however been through a few wash cycles and is as perfect as new), I can tell that the fabric that it is made out of is not flimsy, rather thick and durable.
The Classic Contour Bra offers a large amount of support. I will say, for my cup size, I feel like it may be a bit much for me. Originally I had the intention of ordering the Tailored Contour Bra with more of a sweetheart neckline bra but Jockey was sold out at the time. I was planning on wearing it with summer dresses (most of mine are v-neck). The Classic Contour bra was my second choice. It is great for wearing under t-shirts but with summer dresses, the straps are a bit thick and I feel like they show through. And for v-necklines, I feel the same way. That said, the support is definitely there and so is the quality as well as a PERFECT fit.
It feels good to have a nicely fitting bra again and I am glad to have found this Fit Kit. No more bras with WAY too much space in the cups:)
Check out more of the Jockey bras here and keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.
You may also be interested in checking out my review of Jockey’s new Fit System as well as my video here. Or below is another video about Jockey’s new system:)


**Disclosure: I received free product in return for a review of the Fit Kit System and a Jockey Bra by Jockey and MomSelect. The opinions shared in this post are organic and my own.

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  1. Very cool! It is so hard to find bras that fit. The only thing more frustrating is buying jeans.
    Carole recently posted…Eat This – Get SmartMy Profile

  2. Waystation 49 says:

    ( By the way you Follow Me pop up overlaps finishing typing this unless someone agrees to follow you. )

    Thank you for “saving me” from buying this.

    I watched about twenty minutes of their dreadful looping infomercial that never did give the price so I have up and went looking for reviews.

    You lost me on their product when disclosing – “extra padding”, “thicker fabric”, “charm”, and “straps that show through.” (I have yet to understand why bra makers add bows or charms like we are little kids. It’s just something to cut off so it doesn’t show through clothes!) I appreciate the close up of the fabric, too. My first thought was “ewe!”… Looks “ridged”.

    To the positive – the free kit may make it easier so someone can now design/ build then sew their own bras or bathing suit tops, tops with built in bra, etc at home. That’s been one of the toughest challenges until now is “getting the cup size right.”The kit may be worth ordering just for that?

    Other than that I think Jockey will lose women at the price point. Their underwear line is affordable.

    With outlet stores selling high end bras for $17, it’s hard to understand why someone would risk and order online / try later/ may have to spend time sending back product and pay nearly four- times that at $60.

    1. Love you, Jockey, but shorten the info commercial that will save you money.

    2. Rework your product – or have an option: lighter fabric, narrower straps and make padding optional. (I don’t want padding on a DD).

    3. Please save my charm for some kid.

    4. I’d like my high end bra for about $20. Otherwise I’m happy – very happy – with the outlet stores.

    Which by the way anyone reading this—

    NOTE: Of all places to maybe put on your “hunt for the perfect bra” list of stores … Try Walmart selection is huge! Prices start at $6. Some around $10 are very well made. I haven’t tried any on but was really impressed with the selection.

    Thanks for your Review.

  3. How can you truly give an unbias review if jockey is paying you ? Give me a break

    • Hi Steph! Thanks for your comment. I am sorry about your frustration but I do my best to give an unbiased review. When I am approached by a company to give a review of their product there is never a requirement that it be positive. It is only required that it be honest. This review was an honest one. Just to be clear, I was not paid money for this review. I was however given product with which I formulated it.


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