Guest Post: Spreading The Warmth: One Hat at a Time

I am excited to share this guest post by a new friend and fantastic blogger Sarah from Finnegan and the Hughes. Hurricane Sandy struck and Sarah jumped into action, rediscovering a past passion and turning it into a wonderful drive to help the victims stay warm over the winter. As a Staten Island native, many friends and family members of Sarah’s were affected. Her goal is that each and everyone affected by Sandy feels the warmth and comfort that we are sending their way! Below is the story of Sarah’s knitting and crocheting journey and how she has turned it into this wonderful service project that everyone can take part in….


I like to think knitting is in my bones. My Great-Grandmother Eva was a knitter. She taught my mother to knit when she was just 10 years old. My Grandma Sara was a knitter and so was her sister Loretta. I learned how to crochet while in college and did it here and there. When I was in my early 20’s my mother taught me how to knit and I loved it! I loved to create new projects, finishing them…well that was a whole other issue but I was great at starting!! It was also finally a way that I felt I could relate better to my mother. She loved to see me knit, would help me, send me patterns and buy me lots of beautiful yarn.

Grandma Sara and Aunt Loretta knitting me baby sweaters before I was
even born!

I was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. Since Hurricane Sandy hit last week I have seen my hometown destroyed via photos on the internet. I see facebook posts of old friends talking about the destruction, the suffering and the loss. My heart is in pain from the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left behind. While I have made my obligatory Red Cross donation, collected donation items and drove them to the right places I feel like I need to do more. It’s getting so cold out and people have lost everything.

As the granddaughter, daughter and niece of knitters and crocheters I thought by collecting handmade hats and giving them out directly to in the communities that lost I could bring a little bit of warmth and love from knitters and crocheters. So I have created Spreading the Warmth: One Hat at a Time.

I decided I could unite some people, maybe gather up 50 or so hats and bring them home to Staten Island. To the families that have lost EVERYTHING!!! A friend of a friend from Staten Island made me a flyer that I started sharing it a little on Facebook late Monday night and Tuesday Morning. Tuesday alone I had 671 hits to my blog post about it, about 100 emails and Facebook messages and EVERYONE wanted to help. I mean EVERYONE….From Canada, to Israel, to The Netherlands, Orlando, Wisconsin, Iowa, California, Nevada AND SO MANY more places I can’t list
them all.

I’m looking for more!! Are you a knitter? Do you Crochet? Together we can Spread the Warmth, One Hat at a Time…..

You can follow the collect progress and cheer on everyone on Facebook-
Email me-


About Me…I grew up in Staten Island, New York and my family moved to New Jersey when I was 18 years old. I say things like Pay-pa and waddaa sometimes and try to cover my thick accent! When I escaped working in New York City for a new life in Philadelphia I started dating my now husband Rob. We have two children, Derek is 4 and Hayley is 2. Finnegan is our 5 year old Australian Shepherd and really more like a third child than a dog. All of our children love to sleep in our bed!! I blog over at


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  1. Lauryn, you are wonderful, thank you so much for lending me a bit of space on The Vintage Mom to help Spread the Warmth!


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