Conquering Your Kitchen {Review}

Just over a year ago, as I continued on my quest for nurturing my family with “real food”, I stumbled upon a blog. The title said a lot – Real Food Real Deals. It was a blog written by a woman, Annemarie Rossi, that I felt a sort of immediate connection with when reading about her goals, her aspirations, and how her blog and adventures in leading a “whole” lifestyle came to be.  I became a reader instantly. And learned a lot!

As the year went on and I began to blog more about meal planning and recipes and ways to create homemade real food options for my family, I learned even more. There is ALWAYS something to learn, ALWAYS a new way to do things.

Enter Conquering Your Kitchen by Annemarie Rossi


This book can be considered a wealth of knowledge within your Kindle (or in a paperback;). I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review it. Like I mentioned above, I have been a fan of Annemarie’s writing for a long time, but with this book, she blew me away. I am someone that I would consider not exactly new to the “homemade” world, but certainly not an expert in the “real food” space either, this book accomplished two major goals in my mind. It both empowered and shared worthwhile information.

It begins with a bit of a lesson on kitchen organization. Speaking from years of experience, Annemarie talks about her most used and necessary tools. She shares items that she always has on hand, both gadgets and food items geared toward a homemade house. I love the balance of knowledge and personality that she shares, especially about different bases for cooking and baking. This is one area where I learned SO much and from just this read, gained so many ideas for my kitchen.

Meal planning and shopping efficiently are clearly two of Annemarie’s fortes! These sections were awesome! From how to get started to what she has learned over the years and what works for her family now, this section is FULL of tips, tricks, and reasons why you should meal plan if you aren’t already. I love the templates that are included as well!

And now, onto the cooking. Recipes galore. Ways to prepare “real food”. Often times, I think many people associate “real food” recipes with poor or bland taste. They can not be more wrong. Annemarie’s recipes are the perfect example as to why this is not correct. From breakfast foods to snacks to dinners, and then onto delicious desserts, she does an amazing job of showing how “real food” can be just as exciting, easy, and rewarding as much of the processed food found in the store.

It is just a learning curve. Conquering Your Kitchen is the perfect piece of reading material to begin your journey reading, or to inspire it if you have been on it for years!

 **Disclosure: I received a copy of this book to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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