PA Dutch Chocolate Covered Pretzel Ice Cream Recipe And Scoop Adventures: The Best Ice Cream Of The 50 States {Review}

So it is (almost) officially summer! <--YAY! And that officially means ice cream season. Well, who am I kidding? EVERY season is ice cream season! In our house, ice cream making is a long standing tradition. My husband has made ice cream with his family summer after summer for more years … [Read more...]

David Gray – Mutineers Review

Hey there, the Vintage Dad here! I've been recruited by your normal host to bring you a review of the new David Gray album Mutineers. I have no idea why Lauryn would pass this along to me... Oh, wait... Maybe it's because I pretty much know all the words to every song on Gray's first 3 records. … [Read more...]

Recycled Eyewear That’s Sustainable And Looks Great Too!

If you follow this blog, you know that I try. I try really hard to do things sustainably. By no means do I do it perfectly, by no means do I claim to know all about doing it perfectly. That's the beauty of it. It is a journey and I am on it. About a month ago, I attended one of my all time … [Read more...]

Finally Thinking Better About Our Finances

Ben and I got married right out of college. We started dating in 9th grade, got engaged the summer after our Junior year at UNH, and then got hitched the October after we graduated (!). We were young and knew very little about "real world" finances. We both had jobs, so that was a … [Read more...]

Spicy Mustard Mayo Chicken Kabobs {Recipe}

I am so incredibly excited about this post. Today I get to join in with 9 "foodie" bloggers from around the country to bring you one rockin' #GetGrilling giveaway to help celebrate National Grilling Month! Each of the 9 fabulous bloggers will be posting a delicious recipe inspired by the versatile … [Read more...]

There’s A New Chip In Town And Its Name Is Tyrrells {Review}

All right so I gotta say, I first learned about this new chip from Instagram. I was seeing a bunch of mouth watering pictures (I'm a chip girl) in my feed. Then I saw them at the store - a local store, Kimberton Whole Foods to be exact. And I thought, man, if these make the Kimberton cut, I have to … [Read more...]

A Busy Family’s Dream – Relished Foods {Review and Giveaway}

Have you ever had one of those weeks, okay maybe a month, where you are in a giant rut as far as cooking goes? Well, call this my rut. We have a lot going on right now. More than usual (we always have a lot going on). Selling a house, moving coordination, packing up a house, buying a house, and … [Read more...]

Starting And Ending the Daily Marathon With Stonyfield Greek Yogurt

Back when I was in college, we used to drive down to Boston every year on Patriot's Day to watch the Boston Marathon (us and the other millions of people watching). I went to school with friends who were from the area so they always had the sweet spot for spectating. I remember two specific … [Read more...]

A Chocolate Spread To Trust And Love – Barefoot & Chocolate {Review and Giveaway}

A mom on the run, I'm always looking for fun snacks/treats for the kids (and for myself). Oh and did I mention quick? Yeah, that's a requirement too. In fact, let's start with my requirements for an absolutely perfect snack: No Junk - I mean that as in there are no funky crazy ingredients that I … [Read more...]

Celebrating Earth Day and Social Responsibility With #WalgreensOlogy

  I feel like I have been talking a ton lately with my kids about this holiday that is coming up. In my opinion, it is one of the most important around. That holiday is...Earth Day! We haven't just been chatting about Earth Day being one day but about how every day can be Earth Day and … [Read more...]


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