A Barn Party and BBQ at Eckerton Hill Farm

Kids, hay, music, great food, and a farm = a whole lotta fun!

And that is what we had last Sunday at Eckerton Hill Farm. The farm came together to put on one big barn dancin’ fest that was filled with fun, laughter, stories, and the sense of community. Though there were many familiar faces, I was able to meet so many new people that shared a love for this local farm where we all gather fresh food weekly. CSA members, friends of CSA members, their children and families all came to share in this gorgeous rain-filled turned sunny day on the farm. Here is my picture tour:

The old hay barn was cleared out and made the perfect space to host this event. Rain or shine, it didn’t matter, the show would go on!


The show got started right away with some good old bluegrass (all right, maybe a mix of folk, bluegrass, country, you name it) by and awesome band. I am biased because Ben was a part of it. But, the guys from Hillbilly Shakespeare took part, the other half of Ben Blakesley and The Haymakers, and awesome fiddle player Amy Forsyth. It sounded wonderful and set the tone just right!


Photo credit: taykeegan

As we enjoyed music, we did what we always do when you come to Eckerton, enjoyed a fresh meal. Quite possibly one of the best meals you have ever tasted. I say this every time I go there. It just gets better and better. Chef Mario sure does some fabulous work in the kitchen! Most of the food came from the farm and as you can see from the menu, the choices were amazing.


I certainly had some favorites and now I am going to have to beg Mario for the recipes. The New Potato Salad with Pesto was my top choice but the Roasted Beet Salad and Smoked Pork came in a close second and third for sure!


Without even trying, there were endless activities to keep people busy. Besides conversing and listening to the music, Eckerton has a bunch of large black raspberry bushes on the farm so as we were moseying around the property after dinner, we came across them. C was beyond excited…an caught red handed! I guess it is true when a fruit farmer says (okay, maybe Ed Weaver) that a messy face on a kid means they had a whole lot of fun:)


As we headed back to the barn to listen to more music, we saw that Tim had gotten the tractor all set up and rides were going to be starting. We missed the first one so we decided to feed the goats while we waited and jump on some hay bales. Stansbury, the gorgeous white goat has a head on all of the others, so as you can imagine, he gets all of the good food. G took to the other goat. The kids decided mint may make their breath smell a little better:)


The tractor ride…oh the tractor ride. Eckerton is one of the most gorgeous farms ever though again, I am completely bias. The sun was just beginning to go down. C and G were along next to me as we toured through the farm. There was nothing but beauty to see. I heard not a single word from either of them. I was happy to have them just take it all in.


Photo credit: taykeegan


Our night ended with jumping on hay bales. G got stuck in a hole between hay bales, feet and hands sticking out. We laughed for a good 10 minutes over it (don’t worry, he was okay). It was the most fun moment that I have had in a really long time. I left with a heart full of joy and I know the rest of my family did as well. Now THAT is what it is all about.

Stansbury said goodbye as he watched over the hay barn as it was clearing out…



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