Wink Frozen Desserts {Review}


Try having three children, one of which has a food allergy, and wanting a family ice cream night.  In our case, this allergy happens to be a peanut allergy BUT if it were a gluten or dairy allergy, I would imagine it would be just as difficult to find ice cream that fits the bill. Especially ice cream in flavors like Cake Batter and Iced Latte. It is difficult! They may not have peanuts but most of them are produced in the same facility as those that do.

Earlier this year, I attended the Natural Products Expo. One of the first brands that I met when I walked in was Wink Frozen Desserts. We were greeted with samples of SO many flavors of delicious vegan, nut-free “ice cream”  and friendly faces as well. Gabe and the rest of the “Wink crew” were some of the nicest people that we met there.

Just a few weeks later, we got the chance to try out this family “ice cream” night.



It was wonderful. Especially little H loved them. It was exciting for me to be able to watch him eating a frozen dessert! At the same time, nice to know that such a high quality option is available for those families out there dealing with even more severe or should I say numerous allergies. Just check out all of the exclusions from this product.


Taste: The taste is still there. Let me say however that you can’t go trying this with the idea that it is going to contain the same creamy, sugary texture as the ice cream that a non allergy family member knows. It doesn’t. It isn’t supposed to. It is a frozen dessert not trying to mimic ice cream but instead offering a delicious alternative. H loved it. He loved that he could sit down with his brother and sister and eat the same way (out of a bowl with a spoon) with them.


This is a great option! In fact I have been enjoying the Iced Latte variety as a treat after dinner. I am on my “only healthy snacks after dinner” kick and I think this qualifies;)

You can find Wink Frozen Dessert products in a number of areas on the East Coast. Find a location here. Make sure to follow along on their Facebook and Twitter pages for more information!

*Disclosure: I was provided with Wink product for review. No additional compensation was received and my enthusiasm for this product is VERY genuine! 

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  1. I’m sorry, this frozen dessert is awful. Understand you’re looking for something that a kid with allergies can have. I had high hopes, really high hopes, but every flavor tastes alike, and they taste terrible. Expensive and awful.

    • So sorry you didn’t like it, Carol! It is still one of our favorites. I will say, we do love it because of its friendliness toward those with allergies but my kids and I do enjoy the taste as well!

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