Who or What Inspires You to Feed Your Family Healthy Foods? {Motivation Monday}

Last week I had the opportunity to have dinner with Jessica Moore, the founder of Philly Cow Share. It was a wonderful dinner made by gourmet chef Linda Geren. Aside from the delicious food prepared around 100% grass-fed beef, the conversation was better than I could have ever expected. Sitting around the table were 8 inspiring women, all with different stories, different palates, and different reasons for wanting to bring healthy food to their families.
The discussion at that table not only reminded me why my family eats the way that they do, but it also inspired me to do even better. There is always something to learn, and I definitely learned a lot. Each member of the meal brought a different story to the table about how they feed their families. Some cook, some have husbands that are the cooks. Each member brought information on where they get their food. Some do all of their shopping at their local farmers market, some the grocery store, etc. We all shared; we all learned.
I have been very lucky to be immersed lately in the culture of local living. I have joined with a local farm to help get the word out about local produce, farming, and sustainability, which is something that I feel very strongly about. And now, through this dinner, I found myself in the company of a CEO of a company that strives to help the community make informed decisions about the meat that they buy and feed to their families. I have spoken to other moms and heard how important they feel it is to stop the proliferation of GMO production in this county, and I have heard a chef and local sustainability expert talk about the terrible things she has seen when it comes to Monsanto and the loopholes in the regulation of our food production.
Having nights like this and conversations like these, always makes me feel like I have so much to learn. It makes me feel like I am so far away from knowing it all. And it is true. :-) There is always learning to be done. But it also makes me very happy. Happy to know that there are people in our communities like this, ones that believe in local and natural production, and people that I can share the company of for educated discussions on these topics that I hold so dear.
I am by no means an extremist when it comes to healthy eating. I would call myself a realist (though my husband may disagree). I try as hard as possible to deliver healthy meals to my children. Key word: try. That is what I stand by…the fact that I do my best to achieve a well-rounded, healthy diet that is filled with variety and a plethora of natural foods. What I am not is someone that will freak out if my child has a pack of Kellogg’s fruit snacks for a treat. They have, and I am sure they will continue to do so occasionally.
I will say however, this path to local living has been a journey for me and I think it always will be. This journey will be about informing myself to make the best overall eating choices for my family. It will be about teaching my children why we eat the way that we do and why I make the choices that I do so that one day they can make their own informed decisions. It is about giving my family the experience of being a part of the community that produces their food and knowing where their food comes from.

Motivation Monday

I am finding Motivation Monday incredibly inspiring and motivating! Started by Barb Hoyer from A Life in Balance and Stephanie from Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom, I have enjoyed reading this link-up for a long time now. It is a great way to start the week!
Please link up your post here! A post that motivates you to be a better you, a better person. This inspiration is different for all of us, some are on a physical journey, some on an emotional one, either way, share your motivation with us…we would love to read! Read through some others that are linked up. You never know where you will find some words of wisdom or even an encouraging idea.
Last week’s most clicked link was My Lamp is Full: The Butter Diet and Exercise Plan from My Lamp is Full.

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  1. This is such a great article! Thanks for the reminder that so many of us are trying as best we can. I am motivated by the results that healthy eat brings to myself and my children. (still trying to get my husband on board.)
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