Transplanting Peonies – Quick and Easy Tips {Video}


We moved into a peony goldmine.

Here’s what we knew: The previous owners had a most spectacular peony garden. At one time they owned a perennial business and grew their own peonies from seed. They then turned a (probably) 50 foot by 30 foot plot of land into a peony field. Each and every time we came to see the home for a showing and the inspection, this peony field grew more and more beautiful.

Then we moved in and…

Here’s what we didn’t know: How to properly and best care for peonies. I knew that I did not want this field of peonies any longer. I enjoy growing vegetables. Some flowers, but mostly vegetables. Peonies are scattered all along the property – in the front yard, on the sides, and all along the back. Peonies are gorgeous flowers. So even though I do not want an entire field, I want to know how to care for those that make up the rest of our property.

So…we have PLENTY of peonies to give away to friends and family and anyone else that wants them. I figured I’d help jump start the transition from garden to garden by writing a tutorial on how to best transplant them. Feel free to comment or email with any questions!

How to Transplant a Bush Peony:

Fall is the best time to transplant a peony. From late August to late October, before the ground freezes. I found this video really helpful when it came to learning more about this process. The key points are:

1. Digging the peony out – When you go to take a peony out of the ground, dig away from the center of the plant a bit. Peonies have a very dense root structure and it would be stressful for the plant if that were disturbed. So make sure to pick the whole root ball up.

2. You can cut this years stems off. – If you are giving them away or even transporting them from one place to another it makes for an easy move;) As long as the plant isn’t diseased, these stems make for great compost!


3. The “Eyes” – Cutting this years stems off will expose the “eyes” of next years stems. These are white/pink in color and starting to protrude from the rootball. They are important so look for them.

4. Preparing the new spot – Dig a hole where you want to put your peony (I have read not to plant peonies in the same location where other peonies were removed from). Mix in some organic matter (compost is great if you have it)!

5. Covering roots with soil – Insert the root ball but make sure not to bury those “eyes” by more than 2 inches! Pat down the soil gently.

6. Water ONE time. Unless there is a large drought, you don’t need to water more than that.

**Also Remember – You only need about 3-5 “eyes” on each peony plant so if you have a ton, grab a sharp knife and split the root ball right down the middle. Now you have double the peony plants!

Chris from StowedStuff shows how his planting of these exact peonies went – check out this awesome video on exactly how to get these guys in the ground!

Enjoy these gorgeous perennials that can live up to 80 years!



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  2. I needed this information SO MUCH! I have a section of peonies which has needed dug up, thinning, and transplanting for several years now. Thank you!! (visiting via Motivational Monday)
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  3. I LOVE peonies! Great tips! I didn’t know about the eyes on the roots.
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  7. I’m such a flower garden novice! I need tips like these – thank you!
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  8. I needed this post. I have some peonies that I cannot seem to “kill”. Now I realize I wasn’t getting at the roots! (Note: I love peonies, but they are growing in an awkward place in my yard).
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  9. I need to move mine from under our bay window and on the outside of our fence. This will be a great how to!
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