Things I Want My Daughter To Know: Always Be Open To Growing


You will miss out on a lot of life if you are not open to growing.

I had a wonderful childhood. I had opportunities that were given to me. I lived in a wonderful neighborhood filled with loving people, people that my family called friends. I was lucky. Oh so incredibly lucky, and still am.

One thing that I didn’t always have growing up was an open mind. I think it is the Type A part of me, but I always thought of there as being one “right” way to do things. I didn’t have the maturity to take a step back and realize that it was not the case. Unfortunately, with this mindset I wasn’t open to some things that now looking back, I wish I would have been.

At some point, this changed. I think it was when I headed off to college. I opened up to differences. While I kept my organized and uptight personality in many ways, I relaxed in many others. This changed my world.

So, C, as you grow, you need to stay open to the idea that there are many ways to do things. There are no “right” ways. Just different ways. What may be right for one person, may be wrong for another. I watch you as you play, and when you reach a road block, you create a detour. Keep that forever. There is ALWAYS a back up plan, an alternate route, another road to take. It is NEVER the end of the line, unless you let it be.

People are different, and that’s what makes this world an awesome place. When you talk to someone, open up your heart to their story. Listen. Really listen. You will learn something. Try to understand where they’re coming from. Empathize. Put yourself in their position. You will be a better friend and a better person for what you have learned. Everyone has a story. Not everyone may be used to telling it, but be a safe place for people to share theirs.

Remember that you are not better than others. I have heard your father say this and nothing can be more true, “This may not be the place for us, but it doesn’t make us better than those that are here.” It is the place for them. Each and every one of us wants something different out of life. Some find comfort in what they know. Some are more adventurous. No matter which path you choose or where you end up, remember that.

You will never know everything and there is always something else to learn. As you walk through life, learn. Learn as much as you can from those around you. Let others talk. No one likes a know-it-all, so don’t be that person. Sure, you can teach too, but realize that you should ALWAYS be learning.

There is always room to grow.

Love Mom

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