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Today I am really excited to share a post by a lovely friend, Kat. Our husbands play some pretty rockin’ music together sometimes and Chuck and Kat have one of the cutest kids on the face of this planet. Elliott is amazing. He is one lucky little guy that has adoring parents, well that and they’re really cool. Below, Kat shares how plans before motherhood don’t always work out the way that you expect BUT that when you make certain things a priority when raising a child, they can happen. A beautiful, motivating post about how Kat has made the quality of the food that Elliott eats a priority.


When I was pregnant with my son I had some very clear ideas about how I wanted to do things. I would  tell other moms my plans and I would get patient knowing smiles and I now know that they were all quietly holding in their giggles as I told them of my plans. My boss (who I love and who is a force that can do it all) patted me on the shoulder one day and said simply “Oh honey, you have no idea what you are in for.” Oh how right she was.

In some areas I totally failed in my idealized pioneer mommy vision. We do not have all wooden toys. To be honest my living room resembles a 1980’s arcade with all of the flashing lights and repetitive little songs coming from the toys that Mr. Elliott has figured out how to activate all at the same time. I do not make all of his clothes by hand, for which he should thank me. I am a wiz at knitting hats but that is where my garment making talents end. I made some very wide sweaters that he still can’t fit into even with his little Buddah belly.

In other areas I did have some success although tailored to my reality which is a little less candle lit sepia toned that my vision. We have done cloth diapers successfully. He wears a disposable at night and when we are out and about for long stretches but cloth the rest of the time. He doesn’t watch TV. We do a lot of singing and playing on our own but sometimes mommy just needs a little help from Rachel of Baby Signing Time in order to get dinner made.

The one thing I have done with complete success though is that we make his food. He eats totally organic and mostly local. Elliott eats really, really well. His produce comes from our awesome CSA share from Eckerton Hill Farm and our yard. His milk, meat and extra veggies and fruit come from our awesome farmer’s market (Country Lane Poultry at the Fairgrounds Square Farmer’s Market – we love Donna!) where everyone knows Elliott and makes a big fuss over him which we both enjoy.

Elliott is still working on teeth so a lot of his food is still getting blended. For breakfast he gets oatmeal and plain yogurt, lunch is practice time with picking up pieces of fruit, cheese, veggies and after that a puree of some sort of veggie/fruit mix depending on what we have from the CSA/market that week. This week it’s been carrots and a guest star. Carrots and Zuchs! Carrots and Squash! Carrots and Pears! Carrots and Plums! You get the picture.

Dinner is when things get a little crazy. I make variations of what my husband and I have for dinner for the little man.

Here are some examples of what we did last week:


We had ribs, slaw of cabbage and carrots and pesto potatoes (totally inspired by a dinner hosted by our awesome Eckerton Hill Farm CSA). For the little man I took some of everything and threw it into our Baby Brezza , and whallah! Baby food.

Here is the meal pre-babyizing:



Veggie taco night! I made tacos with kidney beans, zuchs, onions, garlic and mushrooms with a cabbage/radish topping for crunch, homemade guac (avocado was in the seconds area at one of the market stands so game on!) and shredded cheddar cheese. Elliott’s version was everything but the tortilla blended up and then quickly gobbled up.


Teriyaki chicken legs with a Chinese Five Spice rub, slaw of red cabbage, cucumbers and basil and fresh sweet corn. Elliott got the slaw and chicken blended up.


Mung Bean and Chard curry over rice with the spiciness added after the baby portion had been taken out. You can guess by now throw it in the blender and you’ve got some exotic baby food! *This one had to be accompanied by a live guitar concert from dad in order to get a cranky teething baby to eat it.


Leftover Smorgasbord Night! A lot of the time I will make extra portions of Elliott dinners that I throw into mason jars and into the freezer for the nights that we are too busy to cook, doing left overs, traveling or for when he spends the night at Nana’s. It comes in handy!


Pizza Pies!!! Every once in a while I make up some pizza dough and throw it in the freezer for nights such as this. This night I made two individual pizzas for us to share. One was a goat cheese, fig and mint with a balsamic, raspberry sauce (sounds way more impressive than it is. I threw balsamic vinegar into a pan with raspberries and mint from our yard and cooked it down until it was thick) drizzled on top. The other was a simple pesto and nasturtium (edible flowers that came from our CSA). Here they are before they hit the oven!


For Elliott he got a meal of goat cheese, figs, raspberries and mint. Here it all is in the Baby Brezza ready to get all cooked up.


It was well received.



Kamut pasta swirls with pesto (so! much! basil!) with fresh roasted cherry tomatoes. For this I left some of the pasta whole so Elliott could practice picking it up and eating it. He had a lot of fun with this.

That’s how we do it.

It has taken a little bit of extra planning but it has now just become a regular part of the food prep in our house.

I love knowing that he is getting the best ingredients that I can give him.
I love that he will grow up knowing the farmers that grow his food.
I love that thus far he has been receptive to everything he’s been fed (except eggs, for some reason he hates eggs).

This was the most important item on my list of super mommy ideas I had and I am very happy to say that I think we did it! That is until he heads off to school and finds out about chicken fingers, soda and that we have been tricking him all of this time and French fries are actually not slices of yellow bell peppers…

kat-bio Kathleen Brantman is a singer, kid-wrangler, and treasure hunter who loves to find old things and make them shine again. Kicking up her heals in Reading, PA, Kat spends her time on stage, in her garden, and in the arms of her wonderful husband Chuck and 1-year-old son. You can find some fabulous vintage accessories, apparel, and just generally cool finds on her Etsy store, TempleKatVintage. She can also be found blogging at Kat Stuff.


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  1. We love Donna at Country Lanes too! (and Eckerton!) Great post – I have a friend who still laughs at me for thinking we’d only have wooden toys. And I had to go check out your site and loved the AcroCats post. Now please stop being so entertaining because I have to work.


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