Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Remote Control Shellraiser {Review}

Pop Quiz: Match up the TMNT to its color:
1. Leonardo                                          a. orange
2. Michelangelo                                   b. purple
3. Donatello                                          c. red
4. Raphael                                              d. blue
How did you do? I failed. BUT…now I am a pro after a play date with my little dude and his buddies.
G has this group of friends, we call them “his boys”. They are the NICEST group of friends that a mom could ask for for her son. They have the funniest personalities, each one so different from the other but together they make up one heck of a group. We have the rule follower, the class clown, the encourager, and the muscle. They make me smile more than anything in the world. A few of these boys are obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
One day while part of the group was playing together, we broke out the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Remote Control Shellraiser and a whole bunch of turtles and got playing.
I was first introduced to this product at The Big Toy Book Event in NYC in October. I gotta say, I was ultra impressed with the Shellraiser at that event. G and “his boys”, they were impressed too!
They LOVED the fact that the RC vehicle shoots out sewer caps out of the roof and were a ton of fun to play with. From a mom’s view, there were a ton of them AND they were large enough to not mistake for coins (aka no choking for little ones) and there was a place to store them right inside the vehicle. G had some things to say about this remote control toy too!

He loved the fact that the turtles can hang off the roof and the sound it makes when it shoots the sewer caps out.
The boys all played for hours. There were smaller ninja turtles that were simply action figures and larger ones that each did something like Michaelangelo and his shooting pizzas or Donatello grabbing for his bo staffs.
H and G are constantly playing with the Shellraiser together! They love to chase each other around the house with it. And the rest of the gang? Look what I spied on the dining room chair the other day? Some turtles just “hangin’ out”. :)
*Disclosure: I was provided with product for review. All opinions and the expression of awesomeness for these toys are my own.:)

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  1. I cannot find this anywhere. I’ve been told it is discontinued already. Have you heard this?

    • Hey Alicia! I haven’t heard anything but emailed my contact so hopefully I can get some information for you! I’ll let you know as soon as I do. In the mean time, I did find it on Amazon though more expensive…

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