Summer Is In Full Swing and Our CSA Shares Are Showing It!


This is what summer looks like when one of your CSA shares is with an heirloom tomato farmer. A barn filled with boxes full of tomatoes ready to pack up for the market. It is like major eye candy walking into that barn and seeing all of the different varieties that the farm has to offer. Ones that you just HAVE to sink your teeth into out of curiosity for what they may taste like.

It has been a few weeks since I have written about our shares but that certainly doesn’t mean that the creating and cooking has stopped. In fact, it has been in full swing and fresher than ever. Just the other day I posted on Facebook a recipe for Refrigerator Pickles. I took our lemon cucumbers and got right to work. Pretty sure they turned out great though I have to say, I tried some of Tyler’s (from the farm) recipe the other night and now I think I may need to make another batch;)


Oh and the zucchini, man oh man the zucchini. Here is how we used our 8 pounds of it the other week. My personal favorite…Chocolate Zucchini Cake for sure!

We have also been getting loads of red and fingerling potatoes as well. I remember this time well last year. Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more of those beautiful red potatoes from Sunrise you did and I gotta say, I never minded it. Potatoes are a fabulous side dish. Roasted, baked, in a roast, on the grill, you name it, they work with any meal! And the carrots are being eaten by little fingers as fast as they are coming in!

In addition to all the “regular” produce, we are still continuing to get some new stuff too. This weeks: Malabar Spinach. A great green for this summer heat filled to its edges with nutrients! I can’t wait to experiment with it. We have already had it fresh:)

I had a blast touring around and looking at the thousands of tomato plants the other day. TONS of interesting varieties paired with peppers that I have never laid eyes on. Honestly, I can’t wait to test each and every single one of them. Good things to come (like canning salsa)!


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