Summer CSA Adventures – May 22, 2013


Last week of course was a delicious share as always and it sure was a green kind of week! One new thing that has been enforced in our family is getting everyone to eat a side salad with dinner. I think this will take a bit of getting used to but with all of the greens we are getting I can’t keep up myself. G has already caught on, now it is time for the rest of them to:)

The bok choy was immediately gone this week with a chicken stir fry and we threw some of the asparagus in there too. It tasted delicious! The rest of the asparagus we ate as a side dish one night where we had a basic chicken dinner. G will tell you that it may be his new favorite veggie. I used the spinach in our Vegetable Pork Lasagna this week. The red russian kale is still good (one of the many benefits of eating local) and I am planning on making this delicious looking omelet this Saturday. Thank you to the reader (Nick) that brought this awesome recipe to my attention and for giving me the tip that our kale is an heirloom variety and therefore a bit more tender than most! And, I cut the rhubarb in small pieces and froze it so that it will be ready for making some jam in just a few weeks! I.can’t.wait.

This week has some great variety as well and I have some great ideas! I figured instead of just posting a picture I would take you on a tour through the veggies that were in our share. I hope you like it!

The Breakdown:

Strawberries – I wish I could say that there were some to use in a recipe but they were completely devoured on the way home from the farm…

Rhubarb – I am thinking that I may use this for a crumble or a pie!

Mesclun Mix, Mixed Baby Lettuce Heads, Butterhead Lettuce, and Pea Shoots – Side salads all around and let me just say, I am a HUGE fan of butterhead lettuce. A friend had been telling me that it is the perfect variety to grow because it just keeps growing. Hmmm…thinking I may need to try it!

Collards – The Collard Green Enchiladas turned out so good, I may need to try a different filling this time. Maybe on the grill? YUM!

Tuscan Kale – We will definitely be making some smoothies with this!

Pac Choi – I am thinking a stir-fry again, maybe with some beef this time. We usually do a chicken stir fry…time to change it up!

French Breakfast Radishes – These look particularly perfect this week. They are large and yummy! I’ll be putting them on salads, but I think I will also be snacking on these throughout the week too with hummus!

Indian Mustard – Any suggestions?

What was in your share this week or what do you plan on scoring from the farmer’s market?


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