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I have been SO appreciating everyone’s back to school posts these last few weeks! They have really helped me get the kids ready and have given me TONS of ideas as far as snacks and lunches go for them. We just started this week and with one in first and another in kindergarten, they were much needed.

I always get to the start of the school year and immediately feel overwhelmed. Regardless of what preparation I had done, after the first day comes I go back to feeling a bit flustered. The kids are taken care of, their lunches and snacks are packed. They get on the bus on time with everything that they need in their book bag. I get home and realize that I haven’t eaten breakfast. Then after they get off the bus, we head home to get them a snack and ready for whatever afterschool activities there are that evening. Rush rush rush. Someone inevitably needs something that is in the washing machine or spills milk all over the floor or {insert an additional unexpected event here}. By the time we get home I know that I can sometimes be cranky because I haven’t eaten dinner yet.

Bottom line? We as moms are ALWAYS on the go looking out for everyone else in the fam but often times forget about ourselves. I have made it a bit of a goal to be constantly stocked up with healthy breakfasts, snacks, and mini-meals that are easy to grab on these days where we are rushing through.

Here are some of my favorite ideas:

Fresh Fruit

I realize this one is completely obvious but I find it so easy to make sure to have bananas, clementines, grapes, apples, etc. on the shopping list. I just have to think about it:) I like to mix it up a bit and freeze the grapes and blueberries too!
My favorites for quick and on the go…frozen grapes, bananas, peeled clementines, cut apples, raspberries, and strawberries.

No-Bake Granola Bars

These bars from Yummy.Healthy.Easy are great for you (and the kiddos too when they want to mooch:)! Killing two birds with one stone. Woot! Super easy and peanut-free (bonus for us!).  Granola bars are an easy thing to run out the door with! I love them for an afternoon snack and these look fabulous!




My favorite: Fage, Koru, and Stoneyfield. YUM! Easy and filling.

Hummus and Vegetables

One of my favorites and definitely one of the kids too. It is a great way to get those extra veggies in. I certainly am one to eat a veggie just for the condiment;) Here is a great recipe for some Naan bread too  with a link for a homemade, basic hummus recipe too!

Cheese and Crackers

This is my go to snack. I find it really helpful when I have a packed day and sometimes miss lunch:/
My favorites for cheese are Kerrygold (specifically their Dubliner with Irish Stout) but I buy local often and love Briarwood Croft Farms feta and Calkins Creamery (their mozzerella and cheddar to be exact).


Again, often times we buy crackers like Aunt Annies bunnies, but it is jalapeno season now and so I am giving a shout out to these delicious beauties: Puffed Cheddar Jalapeno Crackers!


Egg/Quiche Muffins

This may seem like more of a breakfast but I find it filling for any part of the day. They can be made quickly and easily with any extra produce you have too! Honestly, take your best quiche recipe, discard the crust part, and fill a muffin tin. Bake and your’re done. That simple and think of all the options!

Cereal or Fruit Bars

We buy these sometimes just for convenience sake. Recently I tried Balance Bar Mini’s and they were much better than I anticipated! The kids started stealing them from me and I think I only ended up trying one of each kind (Double Chocolate and Chocolate Chip). They filled me up and were pretty good too!
I also love making my own cereal bars with cranberries, mutigrain O’s, and just a bit of marshmallow:) YUM!



What are your favorite on the go snacks/meals? 

*I received Balance Bar Mini’s to try. I really do like them:) 


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  1. Thank you for the delicious snack ideas and recipes. I’ll be spending some time in the kitchen!
    Linda recently posted…The Great Semi-Annual Seasonal Clothing Switch-OverMy Profile

  2. With being gluten-free, I’m struggling a bit with the snacks since I don’t always want to make time for a good lunch. Thanks for the ideas.
    Barb @ A Life in Balance recently posted…video game tips/reviews part 2My Profile

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