WAIT…Don’t Throw That Seed Catalog in the Trash (or Recycle Bin) Yet!

A couple of weeks ago, I received my long awaited seed catalogs in the mail. I usually get two of them and I absolutely cherish them, reading them and circling what I think I may like to plant in my garden in the upcoming spring. I must be honest, I don’t plant just seeds and so I use these catalogs as more of a resource than a shopping place. {Don’t tell!}

I certainly don’t need two of these catalogs, but I keep two coming for a reason. You see, one of them, I keep throughout the whole planting season. These seed catalogs are much more like a reference book, a seed encyclopedia if you will. They are a wealth of knowledge, describing all sorts of things about different plants, such as the different climates to plant in, care needed, and other interesting tidbits that you wouldn’t otherwise know.

Side note: I just asked my 6 year old what an encyclopedia is and she had no idea… Gone are the days of researching with encyclopedias for hours in a library to get information for a history report {tear}.

We have many uses for these seed catalogs, but for the second one that I don’t end up keeping, we create a garden. The kids love doing this (and it’s my favorite too)! Any age will love this activity, even the tender, innocent ones aged 32 {ahem}. 😉

Creating a Garden From Your Seed Catalog:

Step 1: Grab some supplies:


Seed catalog
Glue Stick
Construction Paper
Stickers or other embellishments if you want

Step 2: Make your garden on construction paper. Be as creative as you want. I feel like this is one of those opportunities to give your child some supplies and just let them run with it. Use it as a teaching opportunity to show them that there is no “right way” to do this. Art is about being creative!
That is it, 2 steps, as easy as can be!

I have some other ideas for what to do with the seed catalogs that you receive in the mail BEFORE you recycle them.

  • Bring the encyclopedia theme back to your kids: Throughout the growing season, often times I will read to my kiddos about the plants we are growing (who are very involved in our gardening ventures). The pictures keep them interested and it shows them that we don’t need to look up everything on the computer!
  • Involve your kids in the selection process for your garden: They can go through and circle what they want to plant, maybe make them each in charge of finding one vegetable that will work. It will feel like the Christmas toy catalog all over again!
  • Make a scrapbook-type journal of your garden: Every year, when we plant our veggies, we use a journal to write where they were planted in our garden, how they did, etc. We save our seed catalogs, so we can cut out a picture of the vegetable and an informational blurb about it to glue next to that entry.

What ideas do you have for your seed catalogs or what do you use them for before recycling?

About Lauryn Blakesley

A woman out to explore, celebrate, and enjoy everything that my community and living locally has to offer. Blessed with three beautiful children and an incredible husband, our family embraces adventure while dreaming of what is to come. Lover of knitting, running (although mostly after little ones right now), the color orange, fun accessories, fall, tea, and a clean kitchen floor. I spend my days in awe of my family and trying to teach my three to treat others as they would want to be treated.

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  1. this is such a cool idea. I don’t get seed catalogs but I might sign up for one just to do this

  2. What fun ideas! I bet I can find many catalogs to start cutting!
    Carrie recently posted…Operation: FreeMom – Quit JudgingMy Profile

  3. Oh man, I’m setting my 5yo down right now. LOL
    Jenna recently posted…Timed Math Tests & Math Anxiety: From One Generation to the NextMy Profile

  4. Great idea! We are definitely going to try this, too!
    Heather S. recently posted…DIY Play TentMy Profile

  5. This is adorable and a great way to upcycle!
    Becky recently posted…Choosing Companies Who Give BackMy Profile

  6. I love seed catalogs as a resource too. We also used the catalogs to make our Valentine Cards using a red heart dollie and cut out the flower photos and glued them on.
    Alison Shaffer recently posted…"Oz The Great and Powerful" Game Spot Sneak Peak for Super Bowl SundayMy Profile

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