June is Dairy Month…These Foods Are Used Frequently in Our House!

This is a sponsored post by the NFRA. All opinions throughout and stories are my own.

The refrigerated dairy case is the section of the grocery store that we ALWAYS hit. Every week. Well, I should say it is the section of the grocery store that my husband always hits. He is the one to do the grocery shopping around here…but I make the list:) We use items from this section in our meals every single day and consider these items staples on our list.

Here is what is usually on our list:

Yogurt – We eat this just about every morning and often times it is an afternoon or night time snack for us as well.

Stonyfield Organic Milk – We usually buy both whole and skim to accommodate the whole fam:)

Cottage Cheese – No one really eats cottage cheese alone or with fruit, but, it has taken the place of ricotta in our lasagna recipe. It is a texture that everyone in the family likes a bit more.

Shredded Cheese – We go through shredded cheese fairly often and though we are trying to take a more local approach (particularly me), we are in a transition phase and use shredded cheese for quick quesadillas at lunch, tacos, and homemade pizzas.

Sour Cream – We are a taco heavy family…

Orange Juice

These seem to make the cut most weeks!

June is dairy month and the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association is set on igniting a passion for healthy refrigerated foods found in the dairy isle (of which there are many). Some of my favorite brands to find in our dairy isle is Stonyfield, FAGE, Koru, and Organic Valley!

I used dairy products in many of the meals that I make as well as baked goods that I cook. They are not only a staple, but an inspiration to me as well. By using what is in this isle and in my very own refrigerator, I can create just about anything in the kitchen. Speaking of creativity in the kitchen, The NFRA has partnered with chef and culinary expert, Aida Mollenkamp, to show some of the creative culinary possibilities that can come from foods in the refrigerated dairy aisle. Many unexpected recipes can be created using foods found in the refrigerated section. Paired with local produce and other products, a great culinary experience can be had!

You can find inspiration on the NFRA’s photo blog,  The Dish Diary Tumblr throughout the year! Your own photos of creative dishes using refrigerated foods can be uploaded here too!

For more mealtime inspiration, visit www.EasyHomeMeals.com, and check out the NFRA on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

Make sure to join in on an Easy Home Meals Twitter Party hosted by @EasyHomeMeals and @ResourcefulMom on June 27th from 8-9 p.m. Follow along with #dairybeyondcool. Be sure to RSVP here.


**Disclosure: This is a post sponsored by the NFRA for National Dairy Month. All stories, ideas, and opinions listed above are my own.




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