8 On The Go Snacks When Traveling With Little Ones


We have had our fair share of vacations and on the go trips this summer! A few weeks ago we headed out on our first (almost) cross country trip with little ones! We flew to Colorado and then drove to the Grand Canyon, looping back through The Painted Desert. C and G had a blast and H did great on this journey! (at least there was a desert and plenty of room for him to run around:)

Next, we headed to the beach for the week. With a home base of a beach house, the snacks were a bit easier to control, but days on the beach still required some preparation. One of the things I was most anxious about, especially for Colorado, was the food situation. My older two are fabulous at trying new things and fairly easily finding something pretty much everywhere that they will eat. H, however, is a bit more difficult these days. With molars breaking through, he is going through a pretty picky stage and I wanted to make sure I brought with us some easy to grab snacks that were full of nutrition.

Some healthy, nutritious snacks are always good to have on hand (especially when you could be on the verge of a meltdown at any given time). I pinned and pinned for a long time in preparation for this summer and really just about every trip that we take and there have been a bunch of snacks that have really stuck out in my mind as ones that would be great to take on the road or in the air. Below are some of my finds.

Raisins or dried cranberries – The small boxes are a perfect size for little ones when traveling. They can carry them themselves and when they are done, recycle the little box themselves! I am hoping to score a dehydrator sometime soon so that we can make these (and other fruits) more easily ourselves. happy-family-1

Happy Family Pouches – Happy Family makes a great line of healthy, organic, nutrient rich snacks and foods. H is a big fan of the pouches that he can squeeze and serve himself. These make me feel good because I know then that he is at least eating some servings of veggies while we are away. AND, their new line of Greek Yogurt is perfect for C and G (okay and maybe me too…). I love the idea of a reuseable pouch, but when traveling, these are much more realistic! Though the beach is the perfect place for those re-usable ones!

Homemade Healthy Fruit Snacks from Thank Your Body- These look fabulous and are SO simple to make! I planned on taking multiple containers of these with me and…it didn’t happen, BUT I’ll be making them for the rest of the pool season! Maybe with some fresh PYO fruit. YUM!

Mini-muffins – I took a bunch of mini-muffins on our trips. My kids go through these like crazy and they are always a nice non-processed option if we are on the road for breakfast. Our favorites are my Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins or Pumpkin Muffins for sure! And we also had some blueberry in there too:) muffins Cereal Bars – This is a staple for us anywhere we go. I certainly have my favorites for on the road. I like that this is a quick breakfast. I hear lots talk about the Lara Bar though I can’t vouch for it yet because we haven’t quite tried them. I have to be quite careful because of H’s peanut allergy (and possibly other nuts). I have seen some recipes for homemade Lara Bars like this one, so maybe I should try those first (assuming I can substitute sunflower seeds for nuts).

Bananas – I know, this seems so simple. But, bananas are a great traveling food in my opinion. Full of nutrients, no refrigeration needed and able to throw in a bag. I guess oranges would be good too, but you can find bananas everywhere:) I think I may even try some Baked Banana Chips!

Aunt Annies Crackers – I have fallen in love with this brand and the fact that they clearly label when products are NOT produced in a plant where peanuts are processed. H loves the snickerdoodle bunnies and the cocoa and vanilla as well so we will be carrying these organic snacks along for sure.

Udi’s Snickerdoodle Cookies – These have been a lifesaver for us when we go places where the other two kiddos can get a treat. H is at the age where he would love one too and notices what his older brother and sister are doing. These Udi’s cookies are nut free so we give him one of these and he thinks he is one of the big kids:)

One thing that is mandatory for us to bring when snacking is involved with a 19 month old? Our iMonster Snack Cup from Nuby! We LOVE this product. H LOVES this product. It is by far our favorite snack contraptions as well!

2013-02-01 9145

What are your go to snacks for on the road?

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  1. I like all of these ideas except the idea of muffins and all their crumbs in a car frightens me…I’ll probably have to get over that!!
    Lindsay recently posted…Jenny McCarthy, M.D.?My Profile

  2. Great ideas! I hate messy snacks in the car – and I need to stock up for a road trip soon!
    carrie recently posted…The accidental Epi-pen injectionMy Profile

  3. We are big fans of the Happy Family product line and of course Annie’s for its nut free possibilities. I hadn’t thought to make muffins, but will now! Thanks for sharing these ideas.
    Becky recently posted…Tuesday Greens #37My Profile


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