Nothing Better Than A Reading Party! LeapReader “Ready, Set, Read, & Write”


A few kids ages 4-6 and a new LeapReader “Ready, Set, Read, & Write” equals more fun than you can imagine! Especially when one of the books that is included in the package is a Monsters Inc. 3D book…with 3D glasses!

LeapFrog gave me the opportunity to hold a party with a few kiddos to review their new, innovative, LeapReader Reading and Writing System! Two systems and a whole lot of supplemental information came in the mail and the kids were immediately chomping at the bit to open them.

Finally, the day came! Chocolate chip cookies made, juice boxes set up, and it was time to crack open the box for them to start playing with the system. C is 6 and G is 5. Both loved this product. But I have to say, even beyond the party, G has spent hours playing and discovering and talking about what he is seeing and learning.

This LeapReader is a system that combines reading, writing, and listening together.

Reading came first.

The kids couldn’t hold out any longer, they just HAD to get the 3D Monster’s Inc. glasses on and jump right in with Mike and Sulley! This book represents “a story in motion” in LeapReader technology. We loved the games that are included within the book by pressing the green star icon at the bottom of the page. The game in this book prompts children to point to the noun or verb on the page with their LeapReader wand. It was a great dialogue about what a noun and verb is. And of course, the story was adorable too!



This was G’s favorite part. He is just now becoming confident with the proper letter formation. The magic writing paper in the LeapReader set was wonderful and it really kept it fun and interesting for him. The LeapReader guided him through that proper formation and then as he got them right, it boosted his confidence with praise. That was a great look on his face!


The trivia challenges built into the LeapReader system are AWESOME! We listened to the animal facts one. What a fun way to develop listening skills! The LeapReader holds up to 40 books as well. G also loves listening to music and his Kindergarten teacher is awesome at incorporating it into learning. The LeapReader does this as well with a Music App teaching rhyming, vowels, and phonics!



All in all, we were huge fans of the LeapReader system! We donated one to a friend’s Kindergarten classroom and one to my son’s Kindergarten classroom so that he can enjoy this with his buddies at school! They are going to love them!

Learn more about the LeapReader and other applications that go with it on the LeapFrog website. Also, follow along on Facebook and Twitter!

*Disclosure: I received this LeapReader Party Kit as part of a sponsored review. No additional compensation was received for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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