So…We’re Moving To Boston!!!


The picture says it all! We are moving!

The exclamation points tell a story of pure excitement and joy, and yes, for the most part that is true. The big BUT is the other emotions that are all mixed in with those.

Let me start from the beginning…

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. The boy had just moved from Iowa to Pennsylvania and was starting a new school. It was 9th grade and he was in gym class with this girl. They fell in love. Fast forward 4 years. They both decided to go to school at The University of New Hampshire (it wasn’t like you think – they both really decided separately…kind of), and so off they went. It was quite possibly some of the most eye opening and amazing years of their lives.

This boy and girl fell in love with New England. They met some of the very best friends that people could ask for. Ones that they would stay in touch with for years to come. They studied and played sports, and their hearts were full. But their family was in Pennsylvania. So after college was over, they moved back….and got married! (Yes, the classic too good to be true love story worked out.)

They had three amazing children and they got to spend time with their families…and friends. Such good friends. Oh how they had good friends. Ones from high school that thier bond could not even be explained. Ones in the community that they and their children had now grown to love. But in their hearts, they longed for New England.

One day, their sewer flooded their house. And this couple took a deep breath and told themselves that their dream of living in New England was over. But it was more than okay. They had their community. They had their local food. The man had a great job and guys that he loved to play music with. The girl had her close friends that understood her better than anyone and her family that was always there. It was great.

This couple, they couldn’t sit still. They always had to be up to something, and so they thought it would be a great idea to put on a social media conference in Philadelphia. So they did. And from those connections came more connections and suddenly…there it was, the opportunity to move…to New England.

Now here we (that couple) are. We are moving to Boston.

On Leaving Our Home

We are so sad to be leaving the home to which we brought each of our children home. It is a home that we bought when we were 9 months pregnant with C. It is a home that we have played in, and laughed in, and cried in. It is a home that we will miss. But we will find another home to play, and laugh, and cry in, and our children will love that home too. It just better have a yard for a garden and some hydrangea bushes. Oh, and C demands that we plant a tulip tree. :-)

On Leaving My Family

My family lives close. I talk about Mama H all the time. I talk about her good cooking, but she is so much more than that. She is a mom that would leave anything at the drop of a hat to rush to our sides if we needed it. C broke her arm this year and her and my dad were here in an instant to help pick up the pieces. She loves my kids as much as I do and would do anything for them. She has been by my side every step of the way as I have raised them. I know that won’t change. She will still be there, but it is hard to know that it will just take a little longer to get to her. I will miss her. Plenty of road trips coming our way. Oh, and  Google Hangouts too. Lots of Google Hangouts. She is already mastering those! And my brother gave her an iPhone, so Facetime and pictures all.the.time. I’ll miss my nephew a ton too and my brother and sister-in-law but we’ll be back and forth often and the kids can catch up! It will be hard not having them close though. There’s just something about cousins and they sure do love each other!

On Leaving My Friends

I have such good friends. We all have that best friend that you can call and talk to and tell anything. That friend that just gets you without you having to tell her. That friend that you will unembarassingly tell everything to. I have one of those, and she is amazing. We have been friends for a very long time. We have children the same age and though we don’t live next door to each other, we live close enough to share birthdays and holidays with.  I will miss that easy access. BUT I will not miss our conversations that we have, because those will not change. I also have a community of friends that I have known since I became a mom. Our kids are the best of friends. We get each other too. The day in and day out struggles of being a mom. We support each other. We trust each other. I will miss them dearly, more than they will know.

On Leaving the Oley Valley

I have written at length about the local food near me and how I adore the Oley Valley and the farms that it offers. About my CSA and my love for Glicks Greenhouse,  Ember from Country Time Farm, and picking fruit at Weaver’s Orchard. I will miss these things tremendously. BUT…I will learn about local food from another part of the country. And that is exciting.

This is the right thing to do…

I will miss all of these things more than I even know right now. But the decision to move that we made was the right one. Ben had a career opportunity that he needed to take advantage of. For him, for our family. We love New England. We love the Boston area. Always have, always will. We are excited. Our family is not one that shies away from adventures. We jump into them. One thing that we want to teach our children is not to be afraid of the decisions that they make. Not to avoid taking on a challenge just because it’s hard. It is important to take calculated risks, to follow your heart, to do what you think is best, and to not be afraid. While we are nervous (heck, we are moving a family of five to a new state!), we are sure that we are making the best choice for us. We are lucky to be moving to an area where we have some of our very best friends. We are lucky to have job opportunities that take us there. We are lucky to have choices.

So, off we go to Boston…wish us luck!

Oh and I’ll take any and all moving and Boston suggestions that you have to offer! This chick is overwhelmed!!

About Lauryn Blakesley

A woman out to explore, celebrate, and enjoy everything that my community and living locally has to offer. Blessed with three beautiful children and an incredible husband, our family embraces adventure while dreaming of what is to come. Lover of knitting, running (although mostly after little ones right now), the color orange, fun accessories, fall, tea, and a clean kitchen floor. I spend my days in awe of my family and trying to teach my three to treat others as they would want to be treated.

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  1. I am so happy for you, but sad for us PSMMers. Luckily with the interwebz it will be like you (almost) never left us. Sometimes I have dreams of moving out west or to FL, but leaving our family (and the help we get from them) is just too much for us!
    Heather S. recently posted…Love Your Kleenex® Style & Battle the Preschool Achoos!My Profile

  2. Congrats on your great news of moving to Boston! I can’t wait to continue reading your blog in a new part of our country.

  3. What a great opportunity for your family, we will miss you here in the Philadelphia area :( We still need to have our lunch date!
    Trina O’Boyle recently posted…15 DIY Valentine Cards for KidsMy Profile

  4. We’ll welcome you with open arms here in the Boston blogging community! There’s an FB group called Boston Parent Bloggers that you’ll want to join. I’d be delighted to answer any questions you have about towns, schools, etc.
    Annemarie (Real Food Real Deals) recently posted…Real Food Meal Plan Week 3My Profile

  5. Ok I am sad you are moving away. I will miss seeing your face at local event. I know we all will see you at National events Good Luck and congrats!!
    Sherry recently posted…12 Ways How to stay calm while doing homework with a PreTeen #MeltsBestFeelings sponsoredMy Profile

  6. How exciting, Lauren! I will miss you at all of our local events. Hope you can come back to visit sometimes and check in with us! Wishing your family a smooth and successful move to Boston!!!
    Heather {LocalFunforKids} recently posted…Get Ready for the Olympics: Movies, Books & Crafts for KidsMy Profile

  7. Oh, Lauryn I’m so excited for you! What a wonderful dream come true for you and your family. Best wishes for a safe, painless move. xoxo
    Cindy recently posted…One Pot Deluxe Pizza PastaMy Profile

  8. We just moved to Philly from Boston in July and I miss it there soooo much!! If you need any suggestions or questions feel free to email me.
    Caitlin recently posted…Adventures of Elinor and DaddyMy Profile

  9. Best of luck to you! I’ll still be visiting your blog (assuming you’ll still be running it?!) I hope so!

  10. Congratulations! New England is so beautiful, and what’s not to love about Boston? Except the teams :) (Can’t help it, ex-New Yorker, lol) I am sad, though. It was so nice to meet you and I’d hope to get to know you better – you’re such a lovely person. Best of luck on the move and I hope you find a lovely home!
    Gina Badalaty recently posted…Bonefish Grill: Great for Date NightMy Profile

  11. I am simultaneously SO EXCITED when I read this post and SO BUMMED because I’ll miss you – a woman who has truly gone from just a “bloggy friend” to a real friend :) But since we’re real friends, it means that distance doesn’t matter!

    I’m excited for what is coming next for you and Ben!
    Steph A recently posted…DC59: The Dyson Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum is now available at Best Buy @BestBuy @Dyson #DysonatBestBuyMy Profile

  12. Noooooooo!!!! I mean, YAY for you AND for Boston (my hometown!) but noooooooooo for us! Are you moving to the actual city? I grew up in Bedford, it’s such a fantastic area and you’re going to love it. Congrats!
    Carrie recently posted…10 Tips for Winter Storm Prep (or, I Should’ve Known Better)My Profile

  13. I am so excited for you! As you know, it’s a route I do often, most times up and back in the same day. It will all work out amazingly well!
    Jessica @EatSleepBe recently posted…Welcome to Random Acts of Kindness Week!My Profile

  14. Best of luck on your new move. You seem to life in perspective and new opportunities are amazing. I definitely will be following your story and watching you flourish and grow. My daughter lives in the Boston area and I completely understand the love of the area. Best Wishes to your entire family. #SITSBlogging
    Laura Hinckley recently posted…Swag Games – Winter Edition Collector’s Bills are Here!My Profile

  15. What a fun new adventure.#SITSBlogging
    Laina Turner recently posted…Checking In On Bullied Brony Michael MoronesMy Profile

  16. Wow. My husband is from Shillington. Best of luck in Boston. Loved looking over your blog. I linked up in you linky-I think it fits… Stopping by through #SITSBlogging
    Laura Jo recently posted…10 Ways Life is More Like a Box of Wine Than a Box of ChocolatesMy Profile

  17. Good luck! Moving is so exciting but so hard at the same time, but when doors open for us it’s for a reason!
    Krista recently posted…Oven Fried Chimichangas (a tasty Pinterest FAIL)My Profile

  18. How exciting! I would hate to leave the closeness of family, but Boston looks amazing. My husband and I were in New England 2 autumns ago and almost moved but we are from Texas and have never ever experienced true winter. Still, what a wonderful place to be! #Sitsblogging
    Leilani recently posted…I Glove Yous Guys!My Profile

  19. I’ve only traveled to a few places, but Boston is my absolute favorite! So much culture, history, and so many things to do. I loved it. Great place for college as well! #SITSBlogging
    Krystal recently posted…Weekend Blog Block Party: Best Posts + StumbleUpon Link Up!My Profile

  20. Wow! Exciting changes for you guys! Best wishes as you embark on this new adventure as a family!! #SITSBlogging
    Kim {Stuffed Suitcase} recently posted…Dad Lunches – Week 22 of 40 Nut-Free Kids School LunchesMy Profile

  21. Good luck!
    Lisa @ The Wellness Wife recently posted…Beef Cubes with Red Wine and MushroomsMy Profile

  22. Such a lovely post! I’m moving soon and was very curious how other people are doing their transitions! Thanks for sharing! Have a great time in Boston!

  23. This is so great! I know it’s an old post, but I’m going through moving to Boston right now and feel like I can relate, lol! :)


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