Letting It All Out – Growing Grass, Friends, And A MomMixer NOT To Be Missed!


So I told you about the hole, right? The gigantic, not to be missed hole in my front yard? Yep, well it’s still there. The plumber/excavator came back this week to break up the rocks and dirt and rake it out. Not an easy feat in this neck of the woods. There were a few rocks:) They also laid some grass seed down. This is something that is new to me. I haven’t ever had to grow grass before. So he just sprinkled grass all over the dirt and that was it. What’s with the straw then that I see all over people’s lawns when they are trying to grow grass? I get that is for the birds, so that they stay away, so do I need it?? I also know enough to water it. How much though? I consulted a wise friend last night that said sprinkle a little extra, grab some hay if need be and give it a shot. So that is what I am going to do, be patient and wait (because again I am so good at that). Tell me, have you grown grass before? Got any tips?

sewer hole

Thankfully, I have the best of best friends to keep passing by my dirt hole in my front yard and tell me that it is fine. “It doesn’t look that bad”, they say. Suuuuure. Perspective, right?

I had an appointment this week too, like a 3 hour one in the afternoon. I called my friend, one with kids almost the same ages as mine and asked if she wouldn’t mind watching my kiddos. Without hesitation it was a yes. The kids went over. I didn’t worry (because she rocks). My appointment went great and I was back at her house by evening. C, G, and H were in their glory. Having a blast jumping around, playing with their friends. Great, right? Yep, except for the fact that I am leaving this. Makes me so sad I could cry. This friend, these friends. Leaving them will be so hard. Those moms that you find that are on the same page as you, that get you through, I found them and now I need to find them again. Man, I am going to miss them. :(

Saturday started with a Tball game on a gorgeous morning and ended with a fun MomMixer in the city. If you have followed my other recounts of MomMixers, you know that they are a fun day out, one where I get to see friends and lots of new brands and then share them with you! Stay tuned because there is lots to share. Colleen of Classymommy and Whitney of Mommies with Style did an awesome job with this event at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia! All of the brands that were there from Hersheys to CHARM-IT! were great but of course I had some favorites. One of the highlights for me was seeing Visionworks (I know, an eyeglass company. They have some new things on the horizon and honestly, this girl likes stylish glasses! I could not pass by the Kids Headquarters table. I oohed and ahhed at an absolutely adorable toddler suit from Tommy Hilfiger. And I just knew right away that these Marvel Under Armour were just for my boy! Ever since running in this Healthy Kids Running Series, G has been on his game with running wear. I was right, he loved them!


What went on in your neck of the woods last week? 

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  1. Thanks so much for this fab party and have a terrific week….!! :)
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