Keeping Healthy in the Winter – Adding a #NaturalProbiotic To The Routine


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Every year as we head into winter, I cringe. I take a deep breath and tell myself that I am going to do what I can to keep my family healthy and safe. This year I decided to add a gradual release natural probiotic to the mix.

I make sure we all stay active in some form or another. G plays basketball, and let’s face it…he’s a boy and has a brother (a.k.a. they run around this place all day long!). C takes Irish Dancing and stays active by practicing all the time. I jump on the elliptical machine almost every morning, and Ben, he plays pick up bball at work. Oh and shoveling, let’s not forget this activity that has occurred almost daily this winter secondary to the CRAZY snow we have received!

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I avoid the pediatrician’s office at all costs. No offense, but unless we are REALLY sick, we manage on our own. No sense grabbing flu germs or any other koodies in addition to the sniffles you may already have.

We eat healthy too (or try). We belong to Eckerton’s winter CSA and with each CSA share, I cook healthy foods filled with seasonal veggies so that we have a line up of good disease fighting nutrients in our bodies. My kids know that greens help keep us healthy and strong and that the fruits and vegetables that we include in our diets are important.

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This winter I decided to add in something new. I and my children have all taken probiotics at some point in our lives. For me it was a winter where I was fighting stomach bug after stomach bug. For C, it was the summer she had Lyme’s Disease and was on antibiotics for weeks straight. We honestly have always had great luck (if you can even call it that) in taking them so this winter, I jumped at the chance to take Insync, a natural probiotic.

If you don’t already know (and honestly, some of these stats were news to me), probiotics are live microorganisms that can have a health benefit when taken in sufficient amounts. According to U.S. Probiotic, these bacteria can improve digestive function, aide in relief of symptoms from antibiotic therapy, help reduce risk of common acute infectious diseases, improve lactose tolerance, and enhance immune function.

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I started taking Insync Natural Probiotic for exactly the last reason I mentioned, to enhance immune function this winter. After finding them easily at my local CVS (did you know that they have committed to no longer selling tobacco products as of October – YAY!), I started taking one capsule every morning. I designated breakfast as the time to take it so that I would remember every day. It generally coincides with my smoothie!

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Insync Probiotic has a GI guard built in a gradual release capsule to protect it from stomach acid and make sure that maximum amounts of bacteria “arrive alive”.

Make sure to get more information and follow Insync on Twitter and Facebook!

Thanks to Collective Bias for letting me try this one out!


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  1. I have learned a lot about probiotics recently, but I hadn’t heard about them helping with lactose intollerance. Thanks for the tips! #client
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