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The holiday wish list season is beginning and I will be sharing some of my favorite picks throughout the next month. The first one is one of my favorites, because it is my dad guest posting. :-)

I figured that we all know someone who is a golfer in our lives. I know I do, my dad! (And my brother, and my uncles, and…) I never know exactly what to get him and so I thought it may be helpful to have this little wishlist developed by the ultimate golfer himself. Get ready to get your shopping on for that golfer in your life! Here are some gift ideas for golfers in your life! You can thank me later. ūüėČ Enter: Dennis Hancock!

If there is one thing that golfers want, it is more things. If you’re stuck for a holiday gift and the recipient happens to be a golfer, you are one lucky person. There are lots of possibilities that would satisfy any real golfer.

Here is what to remember when purchasing golf gifts for others:

  • Gifts can range in value¬†from $ to $$$ and are appropriate for children as well as adults to give.
  • Quality of the golfer is important to take into¬†consideration, since a lot of golf equipment is staged for different levels of activity and¬†ability.
  • Be careful, some golfers (me for example) are very particular about the equipment they¬†use. It may be best to get a gift card for a store that sells a broad range of golf gear. Some of my go to places to shop for golf gear are¬†Golf Galaxy or Dick‚Äôs Sporting Goods. If your golfer does a lot of buying online,¬†you may want to look into Golfsmith or The Golf Warehouse.

1. Golf Books


Hardback, paperback, or ebooks are always a good choice.¬†There is a broad selection of books that any golfer would be happy to receive,¬†especially during the cold of winter when the clubs are taking a vacation and¬†the golfer is getting antsy. Instruction books range from the historical masters¬†of the game like Harvey Penick, to the new blood teachers like Butch Harmon,¬†Hank Haney, and Sean Foley. Personally, I‚Äôm a big fan of historical books that tell a golf story. One¬†of my favorites is ‚ÄúThe Match‚ÄĚ by Mark Frost. ¬† If you or the golfer is planning a golf vacation, you may want to¬†choose a book dealing with that location.

 2. Golf Balls or a Ball Fitting

Golfers always need golf balls, but this is one of those areas that golfers can be pretty particular about. What makes it more difficult for the non-golfer to hone in on the right product is that most manufacturers make numerous models with various characteristics. As an example, and not as a suggestion, Titleist makes the ProV1, ProV1x, NXT, NXT Tour, Velocity, and DT-SoLo. You may want to sneak into the golfer’s bag to see if there is a predominance of one kind of ball. If so, you lucked out! If not, a gift card for a ball fitting may be the way to go. The golf store will help analyze your golfer’s swing and game characteristics then suggest the right make and model ball.

3. Tin Cup Ball Identifier


If you do decide to go the golf ball route, spice it up a little bit with this fun golf ball stencil.¬†Just having a specific¬†model golf ball with a number isn‚Äôt enough. It is important, especially¬†in outings, tournaments, and even in individual play, to mark your ball¬†with some kind of unique identifier. It‚Äôs not unusual for players to use¬†the same model ball and if you hit the wrong ball, you can be penalized. Manufacturers have created products that can be placed over the ball¬†and, using permanent ink pens, the ball can be marked. Sure, you can¬†do it freehand, but as I mentioned before, golfers like things. I have used¬†some of these products made from plastic materials but haven‚Äôt been real¬†satisfied. The Tin Cup markers are made from metal, fit tightly on the ball¬†and come with a wide variety of distinguishing stencils. I was extremely¬†satisfied with the item they provided (but a bit disappointed that they¬†didn‚Äôt have a stencil for my alma mater. Keep in mind that they’ll do a custom design, but¬†that gets pricey if you just want one for your favorite golfer. The stencils come in all different varieties, and there are many colleges/sports teams that are represented. My son is a Maryland Terp, so here is a golf ball that will be in his stocking this year. ūüėČ

4. Frogger Arc Angel


The Arc Angel is a practice putting aid, consisting of two stands, a carry case and a how-to-video. To use it properly, you have to provide a stick or golf club shaft to put between the two stands. This shouldn’t be an issue, but I just point out that it isn’t self-contained. I have a pendulum putting stroke and this product works well for me, but it may not work the same for everyone.

5. Golf Clubs


Clubs are even more of a personal preference than golf balls. However, most good golf shops will have a fairly liberal return policy as long as the club hasn’t been used. So, if your golfer has been throwing around some hints (listen for terms like wedge, rescue, putter, driver or fairway metal), head for the store, ask about the best sales and give it a shot. Most manufacturers bring out new club models in the spring; as a result, the Christmas season should find some good prices on models that have been out for a while.

6. Golf Grips

Golfers that play a fair number of rounds in a year (50 or more) should probably change their grips at least once a year. Manufacturers like Golf Pride, Lamkin, and Winn have lots of models as well as different sizes. But again, the local golf store should have no problem with returns. So pick one that fits your price range and it will work out fine. You should know that golfers are permitted to carry 14 clubs during a round, but most, if not all golfers have more than 14 in their bag, garage and/or basement. However, some clubs are used more than others and the grips don’t all wear out at the same time, so don’t think you have to buy a lot for it to be a nice useful gift. Also, specialty grips for putters have become very popular. Models like the Super Stroke, Tiger Shark, and any of the previously mentioned manufacturer’s Jumbo Grips would show that you put some thought into the gift.

7. Club Glove Caddy Towel


The world of¬†microfiber has hit the golf course with a vengeance; pants, shirts, and¬†jackets use microfibers, becoming a staple in the golfer‚Äôs wardrobe. My¬†golf towels have been good old solid cotton. They do get dirty, but that‚Äôs¬†what washing machines are for or, better yet, just get a new towel. This¬†caddy towel caught my eye because of its size and the packaging with a¬†smaller towel to be carried in your pocket. I can‚Äôt tell you how often I¬†leave my cart without a towel, get to the green, mark and pick up my ball¬†and end up cleaning it on my pant leg or in my pocket ‚Äď not good. The¬†caddy towel is of good size and has a hole in the center allowing it to be¬†placed over a club for quick access. I found this item to be another good¬†choice.

8. BrushPro


The Brushpro is a club cleaning tool that is meant to be attached to the golf bag by a retractor using a nylon cord allowing the Brushpro to extend over two feet for ease of use. Every golfer needs a way to clean their clubs, and this one makes it easy.

9. Divot Tool


A great one is the Flix Divot Repair Instrument, which is a combination ball marker and repair tool. This is a nice combination; lightweight, not bulky, and seems to be of good construction. One caution, however, I was surprised by the strength of the spring when the divot tool is activated. I wasn’t expecting it and the tool flew out of my hand. I have been using it for about ten rounds now and it still works like new.

Again, these are merely suggestions, but any of these products should bring a smile to your golfer’s face. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

*Disclosure: A few of these companies provided a free sample. We were not under any obligation to write about these products. The products in this gift list were written about because we felt like they really belonged. All opinions of these products are our own. 

Photo credit: Dennis Hancock and Katie M.:)


Dennis Hancock has been a golfer for over 50 years. He is the father of two loving children, one of whom is also a golfer and the other who aspires to be someday. Every year since his children have been born, Dennis has received a golfing gift. Some good, some bad. :-) Hopefully this list will inspire…

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  1. Great guide! I always find that I’m never quite sure what to get the golfers on my list and they usually end up getting gift certificates. I appreciate the suggestions! Thanks so much for sharing!
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  2. Great stuff! I know my husband would love to receive any (or all) of these!
    Cindy recently posted…K-cup Christmas Countdown CalendarMy Profile

  3. This is awesome! My FIL is a golfer and we are always looking for unique gifts for him!
    Jo-Lynne Shane {Musings of a Housewife} recently posted…25% OFF at Tiny Prints TODAY ONLYMy Profile

  4. Great ideas! I was never very good at coming up with anything other than new balls and tees… lol!

  5. I don’t know any golfers but I love this specific idea for a gift guide! Didn’t even think to search for those on my list!
    Gina B recently posted…Review: DO Naturals Shampoo, Conditioner & DetanglerMy Profile

  6. My dad and my husband are both avid golfers!! Thanks so much for the ideas!!!
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  7. Thank you!! My parents are both big golfers and I never have any clue what to get them! Pinning this!
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  8. Great ideas! My husband and brother-in-law would love these!

  9. Love this guide. My husband plays golf and I think I will be able to pick up some of these items for him.
    Musings on Motherhood and Midlife recently posted…Drinking Wine…and BlossomingMy Profile

  10. Hi Lauryn,

    To add to your list for next Christmas or maybe on Father’s day, a good golf rangefinder or golf watch would be good too.
    Bart recently posted…Review of Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf WatchMy Profile


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