Game Day Food Safety

One thing that ALWAYS crosses my mind when I entertain (really anytime I am cooking food) is making sure I am taking the proper precautions so that others don’t get sick. To be entirely honest I am probably too cautious to a fault. However, I think when you are having a lot of people over or a large party, better safe than sorry!

I think what makes me the most nervous is that finger foods are involved most of the time and especially right now, in the heart of flu season, it is important to make sure everyone has a way to get their food without touching everyone else’s. Toothpicks, appetizer forks, any way for it to be safely a self serve helps!

Here are some other tips from the Food Safe For Families Campaign that are really good to think about when entertaining!



Step 1: Clean – I ALWAYS make sure to wash my hands before preparing food. But then I am a veggie washer as well!

Step 2: Separate – This is good to remember, using separate plates when grilling for raw and cooked.

Step 3: Cook – Cook food to the right temperature. Here is a really good website that lists the right temperature for meats to cooked at.

Step 4: Chill – This is the one that I always struggle with. I always forget about what is on the table and then don’t put it right in the refrigerator or freezer.

What do you do on Game Days? More importantly, what will you be making?



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