For the Love of Kholrabi – A Carrot and Kholrabi Slaw Recipe


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Kholrabi was new to me this season. It showed up one week in our CSA box and I had no idea what to do with it. So, I threw it out there on Facebook and a few friends immediately came to the rescue with memories of eating it raw as a child.

I did a bit more research about this cabbagy, broccoliesh vegetable and after eating it found that it very much seems to be a cross between cabbage and the stems of broccoli with a juicy and very tasteful flesh underneath its thick skin.

At first I ate it raw and did one of the things that I love doing….introduced it as party food. I adore making people try new things and there were a few firsts in the group. We ate it with a vegetable dip, raw and it was delicious. I didn’t peel it but rather just cut it like I would cut a potato first into medallions and then in strips. It tasted wonderful. But…we had a lot left over and so I decided to try some slaw.


So here is my recipe for a delicious Kholrabi Carrot Slaw:


1 bulb of raw kholrabi

3 med. sized farm fresh carrots (yes, there is a difference)

1/8 cup chopped red onion

2 Tbsp mayonnaise

1 Tbsp cider vinegar

1/2 Tbsp sugar


1. Grate the kholrabi and carrots into a med. sized bowl.

2. Add chopped onion.


3. Mix mayonnaise, cider vinegar, and sugar together. Add to the slaw bowl.

4. Chill for a few hours before serving.

Delicious for a nice spring or summer barbeque!

This recipe is featured in:

Eating Garden Fresh Blog Series - A summer of whole foods from garden to plate

There are a bunch of other things that you can do with kholrabi too. Aside from slaw and eating it raw, below are some of the recipes and techniques that I can’t wait to try!

Kholrabi Ham Bake

Roasted Kholrabi

Kholrabi Home Fries

I am SO trying it cubed in my Navy Bean Soup too!

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  1. Another new veggie I have to try! :)
    Gina B recently posted…Review: Everest Nutrition Krill OilMy Profile

  2. yum!!! My kind of salad!
    Noelle (@singerinkitchen) recently posted…Koru Creamery-Style Yoghurt {Review + Giveaway}My Profile

  3. I keep meaning to grab this at the market when I see it. Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Greens!
    Becky recently posted…NRDC 2013 Growing Green AwardsMy Profile

  4. I love kohlrabi & we’ll for sure make this slaw. One of our favorite ways to make it is use it in place of potatoes, make scalloped kohlrabi!

    • That sounds like an amazing use of kohlrabi. I would have never thought of scalloped kohlrabi…hmmm, now you have me thinking of the perfect recipe;) Is the cook time around the same or a bit longer?

  5. Hi there, love this veggie. I use it the same as broccoli…great in soups, casseroles with chicken and rice, and I love your slaw. I usually add diced or shredded apples and raisins to mine. Yummy. Glad to have found you. Come visit me too!
    Nana recently posted…March Against MonsantoMy Profile

    • I LOVE the idea of using apples! The addition of tart and sweet flavors would be perfect:) I’ll need to try it again this way. Thanks Nana!

  6. I just made this salad and it’s amazing… Because I didn’t have mayo at home, I substituted it with Greek joghurt and added some salt and pepper… Loved it

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